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NASA comes knocking on Tom's door

The world's leading space agency—NASA—has contracted Adelaide medical graduate Dr Tom Smith to undertake a research project measuring tissue oxygen levels in weightlessness.

The Oxford-based aerospace medical specialist will test a new monitor in a series of parabolic flight profiles to mimic a weightless environment, identical to that encountered in space.

"The program with NASA is intended to support the human space flight program to see if it is helpful for their astronauts," Dr Smith said.

"There is already some evidence to suggest that oxygen levels are a bit lower in the body in a weightless environment and that may not be a good thing," he said.

As part of the experiment, Dr Smith will conduct measurements during parabolic aircraft flights with NASA in 2014.

To hear Dr Tom Smith talk about this project, his education at the University of Adelaide and his current work at the University of Oxford, go to:



Image courtesy of NASA


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