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Your support counts

Supporters of the University of Adelaide, like our students, come from a wide range of backgrounds. The University appreciates each generous donation and acknowledges all who offer their support, often in a variety of ways.

Gratitude for the great opportunities a university degree has given them is a common reason why many donors choose the University as the beneficiary of their goodwill. Often they want to support disadvantaged students.

Clive Brooks, a 1967 law graduate who returned to study for a Graduate Certificate in Management in 1995, has supported the University of Adelaide Appeal and been a volunteer in the University Engagement Office for the past 11 years.

"I have greatly benefited from my university education in terms of career experience, and am aware that the University needs the support of its graduates," Clive said.

His sentiments are echoed by Professor Richard Blandy, a Bachelor of Economics Honours graduate in 1962, who has given to University of Adelaide appeals over a number of years.

"I give to the University of Adelaide because it had a profound and positive impact on my life and I am very grateful," Richard said.

It's often a connection with a special place within the University that prompts some donors to give back.

This was the case for Yoshie Furusawa, who studied for a Diploma in Wine Marketing in 2000, when she chose to donate to the Barr Smith Library Appeal.

"I really liked the Barr Smith Reading Room. It was a very peaceful and beautiful place and the perfect spot for a power nap," Yoshie said.

"I know that to maintain and update the library resources is very expensive, so I wanted to help future students as somebody did for us in the past."

The University's belief in providing educational opportunities to financially disadvantaged students is demonstrated through its well-established pathway programs and donated scholarships.

Professor Warren Bebbington, Vice-Chancellor and President, said: "Donors can provide invaluable support to students and play an important role in ensuring these students continue to gain access to a university education, regardless of their financial circumstances."

To find out more about the 2013 University of Adelaide Appeal, or to make a donation, phone +61 8 8313 5800 or visit

More than 850 people have given to the University of Adelaide's annual appeals over the last 12 months. If you were among these generous donors, please take a moment to look for your name on our acknowledgement web page at



*Total philanthropic contribution for the full financial year will be reported in the next issue of Lumen.


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