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Between the lines

Between the Lines presents a selection of the latest books by our alumni authors.


SingSings, Sutures and Sorcery:
a 50 year experience in PNG

Professor Anthony Radford (MBBS 1961)

The story covers a 50-year experience in PNG from the author's first visit as a medical student in the late 1950s. Going on to establish training programs in rural medicine, Professor Radford served as the only doctor for 50,000 people and returned on numerous occasions as a consultant over the next 40 years.


It's Blue with Five Petals

Ann Prescott (B Sc (Hons) 1975)

An-easy-to-use colour-coded field guide to the wildflowers of the Adelaide Region featuring up to date information about the wildflowers of the Adelaide region.

Into the Sea

Jay Laurie (BA 1993)

Into the Sea is the first novel from Jay Laurie. Vividly and simply told, it is about growing up behind the dunes, travelling into the unknown and living in rhythm with the sea.


Andrea Corsali : Fiorentino :
a watcher of the Austral skies :
the letter from India

Dr Sergio Sergi (BA (Hons) 1968)

In 1516, Andrea Corsali, a young Florentine employed by the Medici family, sailed in a Portuguese caravel to their colonies in India. This letter contains an illustration and details of the Southern Cross, discovered, described and named by Corsali. Only five copies of the letter exist and two of these are in Australia; it has never before been translated into English.

High Frequency
Over-the-Horizon Radar

Dr. Giuseppe Fabrizio (B E (Elec) 1993,
PhD (E) 2000)

This pioneering work describes the fundamental principles of OTH radar design and operation, and then delves into the mathematical modeling of HF signals received by actual OTH radar systems based on experimental data analysis. Numerous examples illustrate the practical application of modern adaptive signal processing techniques to real and simulated OTH radar data.


Love from Eddie

Robert Kimber (BA 1960, Dip Sec Ed 1964)

Love from Eddie tells the story of Edward Cairns who was brought up in Ardrossan, South Australia and died at Gallipoli, aged 21, in October 1915. His story is based on the war diary written on his journey to the Great War.

A Short Introduction
to Climate Change

Emeritus Professor Tony Eggleton
(B Sc (Hons) 1960, D Sc 1999)

A Short Introduction to Climate Change, takes the claims and counterclaims of climate change scientists and sceptics alike and tests them against fundamental scientific principles. Professor Eggleton uses the integrity of the scientific data as the only true and constant yardstick by which to measure the accuracy of competing arguments.


Citizen Jane: transformative citizenship in a globalized world

Jane Sloane (BA 1985)

"If you really want to make a positive difference in the world, you should focus on conflict resolution and citizen led change." Nelson Mandela's advice to Jane helped shape her path and led her on a journey to become a global advocate for advancing women's and girls' human rights. Jane writes about being a participant in the rise of a global women's movement and a global citizenship movement, and the opportunities and challenges inherent in this momentum for social change.

Place of Pines

By Judith Brown (BA (Hons) 2004)

A historical fiction novel, Place of Pines begins in England in 1913, sweeps through two generations, two World Wars, the Depression in Australia and the Resistance in France during World War II.



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