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The transforming power of generosity

(l to r) George Koutouzis, Courtney Chow, Maria Hull and Axl Galvez

(l to r) George Koutouzis, Courtney Chow,
Maria Hull and Axl Galvez

The University's long history of philanthropic support from alumni, friends and staff has enhanced the university experience of thousands of students.

Extending back to our earliest founding days, the generosity of benefactors has strengthened the University by expanding our campuses and facilities, increasing the capacity of our libraries, supporting pursuit of excellence in teaching and funding advances in research.

Our donors, like our students, come from many backgrounds, and their motivation for giving is shaped by their experiences and by witnessing the University's tremendous impact on the world it serves.

"On a daily basis I am reminded of the outstanding talent we have around us at the University of Adelaide," says Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington.

"Our staff and students are the lifeblood of this University and donations go directly towards supporting their important work."

Scholarships are among the most consistently donor-supported areas over the past 140 years.

In 2013, our Appeals raised over $250,000 in donations, with over $140,000 given for scholarships for students in need of financial support. Not only do these scholarships instil confidence in young students who may have missed out on university, they motivate them to achieve their best.

Funds raised in last year's University Appeal have enabled an additional four first-year students to commence studies, with the weight of their financial burden eased by a scholarship.

Medical student George Koutouzis says the scholarship he has received will contribute to his accommodation and living expenses, while Axl Galvez aims to reduce his part-time work to prioritise his engineering studies.

Aspiring lawyer Courtney Chow is looking forward to focusing on her legal work, while Maria Hull, an 18-year-old Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Science student, wants to become a teacher.

Maria was a child under the Guardianship of the Minister from the age of 12 and moved between 11 different placements, six schools and from New South Wales to South Australia.

"This scholarship is an unexpected godsend to me as it will assist with the costs of study, supplies and everyday expenses, while also allowing me to focus on my community involvement," she says.

With donor support, the University can also continue to make a difference in critical areas of research.

The work of one researcher, Dr Morgan Newman in the School of Molecular and Biomedical Life Sciences, was made possible through the generosity of the Carthew Family Charity Fund. Dr Newman uses zebrafish as a genetic model to study Alzheimer's disease and dementia, research which will potentially help with therapies and perhaps even a cure. The Carthew Family donation enabled her to continue her research while waiting for funding.

"Donations such as these support young investigators who are struggling to stay in science because they may be waiting for a fellowship to be funded," says David Adelson, Professor of Genetics, Head of School of Molecular and Biomedical Life Sciences.

The University has also benefited from those who want to help preserve and maintain the University's beautiful historic structures, such as the Barr Smith Library and Elder Hall, while others are keen to invest in new projects for innovative learning, teaching and research facilities.

"As we strive to recapture the University's founding vision, donations will transform our great institution and build on its already formidable reputation in teaching, learning and research," says Professor Bebbington.

To find out more about the 2014 University of Adelaide Appeal, or to make a donation, phone +61 8 8313 5800 or visit

story by Genevieve Sanchez

Appeal chart

2013 University Appeal results
(as of 24 April 2014)

Annual Appeals 2013
Scholarships for students of disadvantage: $142,950.33
University's Highest Priorities: $45,780.02
Barr Smith Library: $35,045.00
Cutting-edge research: $22,200.00
Elder Hall: $13,425.33
Total: $259,400.68

More than 500 people gave to the University of Adelaide Appeal in 2013. If you were among these generous donors, please take a moment to look for your name on our acknowledgement web page at


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