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Alumni on the Move

Geoff Harcourt

Geoff Harcourt

Frances Adamson (BEc 1985)
Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Geoff Harcourt, AO FASSA FAcSS FRSN (M Ec 1959)
Has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales (FRSN).

Professor Deep Saini (PhD (Ag & Nat Res Sc) 1983)
Has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of University of Canberra, Australia.

Colin Murray-Wallace (BA (Hons) 1984, PhD 1998, DSc 2010)
warded the Mawson Medal from the Australia Academy of Science.

Emma Gardiner

Roger Byard

Professor Roger Byard (MD 1994, M Med Sc 1997)
Received the ISPID Distinguished Researcher Award for outstanding contributions to SIDS research.

Eight alumni were elected at the recent Federal election

Elected to the Senate:
> Don Farrell (LLB 1977)

Re-elected to the Australian Parliament:
> Simon Birmingham (MBA 2008)
> Mark Butler (BA (Jur) 1991, LLB (Hons) 1993)
> Sarah Hanson-Young (B Soc Sc 2002)
> Christopher Pyne (LLB 1989)
> Amanda Rishworth (M Clin Psych 2005)
> Penny Wong (BA (Jur) 1993, LLB (Hons) 1993
> Nick Xenophon (LLB 1981)

Simon Birmingham was re-appointed Minister for Education and Training

Christopher Pyne was appointed Minister for Defence Industry

Justice Martin Hinton (LLB Hons) 1989, BA (Jur) 1989 LLM (Gen St) 1990)
Was appointed to the South Australian Supreme Court.

Justice Margaret White (LLB 1967, LLD 2014)
Was appointed to the Australian Government’s Royal Commission into the Northern Territory’s youth detention system.


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