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A new era in health

AHMS opening

Joe Verco with nursing student Trinity Norton
The launch of the University of Adelaide’s $246 million Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building has signalled a new era in health education and research in South Australia. Located in Adelaide’s new biomedical precinct in the West End, the 14-storey building is home to teaching and learning facilities for 1600 students and more than 600 researchers.

There is little doubt that the vast majority of South Australians would have, at some time in their lives, received medical or other health care from someone who has studied or worked at the University of Adelaide.

This proud tradition of producing outstanding medical, nursing and dental graduates is set to continue at the University’s new home of medical and health education in the Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences (AHMS) building.

According to Professor Alastair Burt, Executive Dean of the University’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, AHMS brings new teaching styles as well as the latest technologies to health education.

“We now have the most high-tech healthcare teaching facility in Australasia with simulation suites that replicate the technology available in modern critical care hospitals, such as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital,” says Alastair.

“By having access to the same technology, students are surrounded by the same visual cues and sounds, helping them to graduate work-ready, reducing hospital costs and improving the delivery of quality and safe healthcare.”

For the first time, the University’s medical, nursing, dental and public health schools will be brought together under the same roof.

“By combining the teaching of medical, nursing and dental students in one location, it has stimulated a new integrated approach to health learning,” says Alastair.

This integrated learning approach also applies to research, with the building home to researchers working on the next medical breakthroughs in cancer, ageing and chronic disease, reproductive and child health, nutrition and metabolism, and neuroscience.

“The research will tackle major health challenges of the 21st century, including early determinants of disease, the burden of chronic disease in an ageing population, the growing problems of obesity and the search for increasingly effective treatments for common cancers,” says Alastair.

AHMS will also house the new 89-chair Adelaide Dental Hospital, under the 30-year Dental Education Partnership Agreement with SA Health.

And like any great vision, AHMS has only been achievable through the support of many people, including more than 800 donors and the generosity of University alumni such as Dr Joseph Verco, Alastair Hunter, Coopers Brewery Foundation and Dr Malcolm Bean.

“We also thank the Australian Government for its generous support of $60 million and the South Australian Government for making the land available and, through SA Health, for their partnership in the Adelaide Dental Hospital,” says outgoing Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington.

“We all look forward to benefiting from the future medical breakthroughs and the next generations of doctors, nurses and dentists the building will foster.”

AHMS at a glace
> School of Dentistry
> School of Nursing
> School of Medicine
> School of Public Health
> Four levels of research laboratory space
> Public dental clinic for 89 patients
> 240-seat, state-of-the-art public lecture theatre
> An interactive 90-seat theatre for demonstrative learning.

Find out more about the Health and Medical Sciences building.

Story by Kelly Brown
Image by Jo-Anna Robinson


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