Take a trip into space


As part of the celebration of 50 years since Andy Thomas first graduated from our University, we are pleased to present our readers with this unique “space simulation” created by researchers and students within the Department of Media, School of Humanities – our experts in virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality.

If you access this link on your computer (it’s too large a file to work on most mobile devices, and may take some time to load), you will be “transported” into space. The US Space Shuttle Endeavour is in sight, and by clicking and dragging, you can fly it around above an image of Earth, as it would have been seen by Dr Thomas.

Floating around the shuttle are various objects relating to our University’s links with space and exploration, many of which Andy took with him into orbit.

These are now a treasured part of the University’s collection of historical objects and artefacts.

The render of Earth and its multiple interactive “satellites” was created by a team led by Steven Cook, Senior Lecturer within the Department of Media, Program Director of the Master of Immersive Technology program and Head of the Realities Extended business unit.

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