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Onnie Chan

Onnie Chan

Education has always played a significant role in my life, thanks to my mother’s influence. Now, I am turning a new page because of my studies at the University of Adelaide.

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David Penberthy

David Penberthy

OnDit, the UniBar and other formative experiences.

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Natasha Stott Despoja

Natasha Stott Despoja

My association with the University is never far away.

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Moya Dodd

Moya Dodd

It was a hot summer day in early 1982 when I ventured onto campus for my first Orientation Week.

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Hieu Van Le

Hieu Van Le

I realised early on that acquiring knowledge was key to starting a new life in a new land.

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Jardine Kiwat

Jardine Kiwat 2

CASM – the best door I’ve ever walked through.

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Andy Thomas: Celebrating a local hero

Andy Thomas

When Andy Thomas first graduated from the University of Adelaide 50 years ago, travelling into space as an astronaut was an impossible dream.

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World news - Spring 2023

John Scanlon AO

We invited some of our family of “foreign correspondents” to give a brief insight into their lives and careers.

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Making a difference

Tiahni Adamson

Tiahni Adamson is focused on sustainable aquaculture production as the Lead Community Engagement Officer at CH4Global.

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“Changing the world” no joke

Kristin Raman - Courtesy of Matt Turner: Newspix

On a challenging day, Kristin Raman and her colleagues sometimes joke that it’s tough changing the world.

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