Similar to television, livestreaming technology allows you to create, view and share videos in real time.

Producing a livestream to watch via the internet can involve multiple cameras, graphics and animation. As cameras and additional graphics are added, the cost associated with livestreaming increases.

Unlike creative services, livestreaming is not managed by Richards Rose. However, it’s important that your chosen livestreaming provider is familiar with our brand guidelines.

Before selecting an appropriate livestreaming provider for your project, please consider the following information.

Things to know

  • Internet connectivity

    The recommended Internet access is via ethernet cables, using WIFI as a backup.

    WIFI access for livestreaming is not recommended unless there's no other option. 

    Please provide ITDS 48 hours notice before any livestream; this will allow the team to provide an ethernet connection.

  • Audio

    There are multiple audio functions within each University facility. Some areas are equipped with the latest audio and visual technology, and almost all are equipped with audio setup and output for videography. The ITDS AV team is responsible for maintaining these facilities, and will happily provide solutions. Please ensure you link your livestreaming consultant directly with them.

  • Building access

    Please organise a reconnaissance with your livestreaming consultant and ITDS before engaging with the venue.

    Allow at least two hours before the event for setup and testing. Larger events should be tested 24 hours beforehand, as well as on the day of streaming.

  • Distribution

    A livestream can be broadcasted to various platforms. These include:

    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams.

Who can livestream a University event?

The University has two trusted providers for different livestreaming requirements.

When briefing livestreaming production, please outline your role, the project objectives, and your budget.

Large events, such as Research Tuesdays, are managed by Frankie Films

Internal announcements and community events are typically produced by external consultant Nelson Da Silva.

Please note, however, that our livestreaming arrangements periodically come under review. Should any changes be made to the above, this page will be updated accordingly, so be sure to check back as and when projects arise.

Are you from a school, faculty or research area?

If you need to get in touch with marketing about your project, please reach out to your faculty marketing team.