International Recruitment

We support the University in its strategic objectives on student recruitment and admissions by offering information, advice and support to international enquirers and applicants from overseas and in Australia.

International Recruitment, within Marketing and Recruitment, aims to provide information and advice in a friendly and efficient manner and in doing so we hope that students are able to make informed decisions about their future.

Key responsibilities

  • Supporting future international students from first point of contact, through application and admission
  • Marketing to prospective international students (overseas and in Australia)
  • Managing the University of Adelaide's network of international representatives and in-country representatives located in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Preparing and organising the International Open Days, International Agents Week and other events for prospective students, parents and schools
  • Supporting faculty recruitment (including provision of market intelligence, recruitment marketing planning and campaigns)
  • Providing market research on student recruitment activity

International student recruitment team

We develop and implement the University’s outreach and promotion activities supporting the recruitment of international students; with extensive knowledge of international markets, we deliver a range of professional services to promote the University overseas and the active recruitment of international students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing market and competitor analysis to help inform the University's international student recruitment strategy
  • Representing the University at overseas exhibitions, including briefing and supporting academic members of staff who travel on student recruitment trips
  • Establishing and managing relationships with key bodies such as Austrade, Sponsors and Government organisations
  • Selecting and managing the University's network of international representatives (agents)
  • Managing the University’s in-country representatives located in China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Providing advice on international education systems and entry requirements
  • Identifying and developing opportunities with overseas education institutions
  • Providing advice on collateral for international markets