Graphic Design

The Creative Team provides creative strategies for the University of Adelaide Marketing and Recruitment initiatives – from campaign materials to publications, event and environmental signage, digital graphics and merchandise.

Our talented in-house creative/design team delivers communication materials that are on-brand, effective and engaging. We also utilise a skilled panel of external designers who are well-versed in producing materials that meet the requirements of the University of Adelaide brand standards.

How we can assist you

To initiate a graphic design job through M&R, simply request help and one of the Marketing team will be in touch to help develop your brief.

Please note: If you work within a faculty, school or research centre, your request should be sent to your Faculty Marketing team.

For branded office templates, please see the link below.

Design approaches and design approval

There are three approved approaches you can take to develop your design materials:

  1. Work with Marketing and Recruitment to create a new brief, and our creative team completes work.
  2. Work with Marketing and Recruitment to create a new brief and we'll facilitate the work on your behalf with one of our preferred external designers, or provide you with contact details to work with a supplier. 
  3. Complete your own design in-house, using approved Microsoft Office templates supplied by Marketing and Recruitment.

Under scenarios one, approval can be assumed in the delivery of your completed creative request.

Under scenario two, final designed materials must be approved by MR. If MR are facilitating work on your behalf, this will be taken care of internally, however if MR have provided you a contact to work with directly, you must submit the externally designed artwork to Marketing and Recruitment for final sign off before print and/or distribution. The Brand Approval team require two business days for turnaround on approvals. You will need to factor into your timeline that changes may be required if the externally designed material does not comply with Brand Standards.

Under scenario three, provided you’re using the template in the way it is intended and you comply with the brand standards there is no need for MR approval. It is advisable however, to run the final output past your local marketing representative before moving into printing/production.

Developing your own design materials or using external designers who have not been briefed on the University of Adelaide Brand Standards are not approved approaches.

Frequently asked questions

Are you from a school, faculty of research area?

Whether you’re a staff member or student, your first point of contact should be your faculty marketing team.

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