The University of Adelaide believes in supporting the community by sponsoring festivals, events, conferences and like-minded organisations. Sponsorships are also important in providing opportunities to raise our profile and reputation in a range of diverse markets.


If you’re seeking advice or needing assistance our Sponsorships team can provide support in; navigating proposals, maximising your sponsorship benefits, and submitting proposal requests. 
Visit our sponsorship page to find out more on:

  • how we assess proposals and sponsorship agreements;
  • how to manage your relationships;
  • how to ensure you are securing maximum value from an agreement; and
  • how to you activate your sponsorship.

Current sponsorships

For sponsorship advice or to submit your sponsorship proposal, please contact:
Elizabeth Glenn – Events and Sponsorships Officer

E: elizabeth.glenn@adelaide.edu.au

Are you from a school, faculty of research area?

Whether you’re a staff member or student, your first point of contact should be your faculty marketing team.

Start your project

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