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MBBS 3rd Year Research Proposals and Critical Appraisals: Meeting with the MLC

The MLC will provide specific appointment times at the AHMS building to discuss research proposals/critical appraisals with MBBS 3rd Year students. (Appointments can also be made at the North Terrace Campus MLC.) Don't forget there are heaps of resources to help you make decisions about statistics on the statistics lectures page.

At these appointments, students will talk with a staff member about their research proposal/critical appraisal, and the staff member will give advice on the appropriate statistical methods, as well as answer general questions about statistics.

  • Making an appointment

    To make an appointment, follow these steps:

    1. Click on "Timetable of available appointments" below to view the apointments available. Note that it is updated intermittently throughout the week, so some spots may have been taken even if it says they are free.
    2. Choose several times you are available. If you can't come at any of the times listed, please send an email anyway suggesting several other times and we will try to fit you in.
    3. Download the preparation document(s) listed below and fill in as much detail as you can. DON'T WORRY if you're not sure on anything, just do the best you can!
    4. Send an email to Attach your preparation document(s), or include the information that would be in those documents in the body of the email.
      We recommend sending your email at least two business days before you want your appointment, since we can't guarantee a response in less than two days.
    5. An MLC staff member will email you with your appointment time, and also the name of the staff member you are going to meet.
  • Coming to your appointment
    • You will be having your appointment in the MLC in the North-Eastern corner on Level 3 of the AHMS building, or in the Maths Learning Centre at the North Terrace Campus
    • Some tables will have signs on them to say they are for MBBSIII Statistics Consulting. Sit at one of these tables and your staff member will see you soon.
    • Bring with you a copy of your preparation document, and anything else that you think might be useful to help the MLC staff to help you.
    • The appointment will be for about 30 minutes per critical appraisal paper or research proposal. 
    • We recommend that all members of the group attend the meeting, so that you can all understand the statistical concepts discussed.
  • Available appointment times

    It is possible to book an appointment with David (or another MLC staff member). These appointments will happen at the North Terrace Maths Learning Centre on Level 3 of Hub Central. Please email ahead with several options for times to make sure that there is a staff member available who can help you.

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