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Get Involved Reach Top HealthGIRTH (Get Involved Reach Top Health)

What is GIRTH?

GIRTH is a 12-week peer-led healthy lifestyle program run by men and for men developed by the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men's Health in conjunction with the CSIRO, and co-funded by SA Health.

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GIRTH was designed to address the growing problem of overweight and obesity and chronic disease among Australia’s men through promotion of healthy eating, physical activity, good sleep habits and stress management.

It uses peer-led education, an established and effective means of health information delivery. Groups of men meet for 10 weekly sessions to increase knowledge and develop self-management skills around nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and high-risk behaviours such as smoking and excess alcohol consumption with the overall aim of achieving sustainable lifestyle change for better health.

Men learn to set realistic goals and problem solve. A range of male specific (lower urinary tract syndrome, erectile dysfunction, testosterone, and prostate cancer) and other health education topics are covered. Men undergo some testing at the start of the program and then at week 12 after the program to measure the effect of the program on weight and waist circumference, cholesterol and blood sugars and general measures of well-being. Peer leader training involves a 2-day intensive course.  The program has been successfully tested in 11 peer-led groups in a study conducted in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria, and subsequently validated by a community roll-out in conjunction with the City of Charles Sturt.

For more information on how to have GIRTH run in your community or business, please contact the Centre at

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