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FISA - Fluorescence Imagers of South Australia

FISA: Flourescene Imagers SA

Are you interested in getting together to share ideas and learn more about fluorescence microscopy?

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Background to FISA

Fluorescence microscopy embraces a range of exciting new techniques which are of interest to the cell biologist and molecular scientist alike. Many researchers are discovering the potential of fluorescence for its specificity and versatility in labelling and identifying an increasing range of structural features and indeed specific molecular species.

The first meeting of Fluorescence Imagers SA, held at Adelaide Microscopy in September 2003, was a resounding success. The small informal meeting, which we initially estimated might bring 10 - 15 participants to Adelaide Microscopy, quickly blew out to a spectacular 60-plus get together! Quite clearly fluorescence microscopy is a growing field in South Australia. With such an encouraging response, meetings will continue to be organised on a regular basis.


Meetings will continue to feature presentations by researchers, and will also include (by popular demand!) at least one technical presentation on subjects ranging from general microscopy principles, to information about labelling techniques and image analysis.

Workshops and Seminars

Past Workshops

Nov 28th 2012 - ‘FISA seminar’ on Wed Nov 28th 2012 at 3pm. Our speakers are:

  • Dr Jennifer Clarke (Flinders University) - ‘New & emerging live cell imaging techniques for quantitative measurements of molecular dynamics.’
  • Mark Dupal (Perkin Elmer)- Volocity Software and its capabilities

Dec 11th 2012 - ‘Beginners course for Volocity Image Analysis Software Workshop’ on (3 hrs course). Adelaide Microscopy is receiving a 12 month subscription to the Volocity software which is able to do some great image analyses.

Feb 2013 - ‘Advanced course for Volocity Image Analysis Software Workshop’

Mar 2013 - ‘Fluorescence Live Cell Imaging Workshop’ an introduction to the Nikon Live-cell imaging microscope and its capabilities.

March/April 2013 - ‘Multiphoton Fluorescence Workshop’ an introduction to the LaVision Biotech Multiphoton Fluorescence microscope and its capabilities.

Future workshops in 2016  register your interest for the next one.

Email enquiries are welcome via

PresidentAgatha Labrinidis

Secretary - Ruth Williams

Adelaide Microscopy

Ground Floor NG13,
Helen Mayo Building North
Frome Road
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

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T: +61 8 8313 5855

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
(except public holidays and University closure days over the Christmas/New Year period)

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