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MyUni Known Issue List

Known Issues
Key Summary Description Workaround Expected Fix Time
LT-2448 Retention centre not showing correct information

The Retention Center is marking Students as having a Grades Alert because the grade listed for the Students are incorrect. They do not match the grades they see in the Grade Center. If you look at all the Student Grade Alerts, all the Student show the same grade for the tests. It is showing another Student's grade for everyone which results in false alerts

October 2015 Blackboard release
74211 Turnitin iPad App loads Black screen

Black screen displays after the turnitin app has been updated. This occurs if the App is updated while there is offline unsynced data.

It is advised that users should go into the app and manually sync before upgrading to the latest version. If a black screen occurs the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app on the Ipad, Any unsynced data will be lost and is unrecoverable. N/A
LT-2449 Unable to input a manual score into grade centre when delegated marking is set up

A course has delegated marketing setup at the same time as group assignments.

If there is no submission it is impossible to provide a grade for the student unless the instructor downloads grade centre data as a csv, edits and re-uploads the grades.

Blackboard have confirmed there is currently no fix available.
LT-2346 Myuni - web folder error

User is trying to set up a web folder in his sandbox course (Control Panel > Files > AU_ONLINE_1643991_v2 > Webfolder) and is getting the below error message

java.lang.IllegalStateException: JspResourceIncludeUtil is disabled - Check:
a) that this JSP has a top-level page tag,
b) that this JSP doesn't have more than one top-level page tag,
c) that a tag which uses this util is not used outside of the page-level tag.

For reference, the Error ID is 1e660806-a398-44f6-93b1-c125ed84dca8.

No workaround, Web folder button is currently disabled in production Pending a fix from blackboard
EMUA-94 Myuni Group sets

Course Groups tool creates group set with group information 'Group is visible to students' default to 'No'.

All the Tool Availability options are turned 'OFF' by default. This is Bond's design and functionality.

When user select tool options - e.g. Email and Submit, the individual Group Available status is set to 'No'.
Note that by default individual Group Available status in 'Yes'.
Make the Group Set 'Group is visible to students' property default to 'Yes' after turning 'On' any of the Group Set properties. No ETA
LT-2289 Smart view display Issue with the name display of smart views (default.custom.finalgrade.view) Edit and re-submit the Final Grade View and Preview of My Grades smart views to resolve the name display issue. Blackboard 9.1 April 2015
LT-2210 Myuni - Blackboard collaborate conversion Reported bug with blackboard collaborate when converting to MP3 or MP4 function after recording the class session.

Process to convert can take up to 1 or 2 days
N/A Discussions ongoing with Blackboard support
LT-2275 Blackboard Grader app The blackboard Grader app does not allow logins when a user is enrolled in over 57 courses. Remove enrolments that are not required In progress with blackboard support
LT-1650 Needs Marking Smartview won't order alphabetically Needs marking in grade centre won't order by users assignment name N/A Target release April 2015
LT-2092 Load Group Members Failed. Please try reloading this page error An Instructor reported that he is getting the following message when editing test settings.

The error message says Load Group members failed. Please try reloading this page

This appears to be a known issue that Blackboard aims to fix in future releases.
Reload page Blackboard advised fix in April 2014 release but it is still an issue
LT-2226 Myuni - Tables in Announcement is not displaying properly Instructor reported when creating tables in Announcements the table is cut off on the left side.

However, if the table is centred, the table can be displayed properly.
Centre Table Too minor to report
LT-2232 MyUni - PDF assignment submission Instructor reported that pdf files submitted by students in MyUni are not processed properly and are missing characters when viewed in grade centre. The properties of the PDF file state it was created by WPS office It is recommended PDF's are not created with this application Issue logged with Crocodoc, no ETA
LT-2252 Myuni - Course Report Data Identical Instructor reported that course reports generated for two separate items on a course content page are identical Create separate folders for each content item Logged as enhancement request
LT-2218 MyUni - Mashup -- Blackboard collaborate Voice Authoring Instructor put voice feedback in Grade centre by using Mashup -- Blackboard collaborate Voice Authoring.
1). Instructor logged in the course as a Student and tried to play the voice feedback by clicking the icon for "View Feedback"
2). When clicking the button with "Play>>", there is a new page opened and the content from "My Grade" however the voice message is not played.
N/A Pending upgrade to April 2015 release
LT-2184 Myuni - overwrite files attached to Items in content areas Error message when using overwrite file option

Instructor is getting the below error when selecting 'Overwrite File' (from the dropdown menu next to an attached file).

java.lang.IllegalStateException: JspResourceIncludeUtil is disabled - Check:
a) that this JSP has a top-level page tag,
b) that this JSP doesn't have more than one top-level page tag,
c) that a tag which uses this util is not used outside of the page-level tag.
For reference, the Error ID is b173f94b-9b7d-4d27-83b1-d71f58a9ae05.
Delete the original item and upload the new one Proposed fix provided, needs testing and release
LT-2055 Student Preview does not work with SCORM packages There is an issue with viewing SCORM packages using the Student Preview mode.

A fatal error has occurred, communication with the server has been lost

The SCORM packages were created using Articulate Storyline.
N/A The issue is fixed in the October 2014 release of Blackboard Learn, there was a patch requested by another institution for the April 2014 release however product development rejected the patch as the Student View is not a core component and the issue does not occur when actual Student and Instructor users access the SCORM content. Target release Oct 2014
LT-1987 Announcement: Poor Formatting Instructor complained about the poor format of the emails sent out from Announcements by MyUni.

Instructor leaves one blank line between paragraphs, which is readable for users. But in the corresponding email students received, there is a large blank area between paragraphs.

N/A Targeted for fix in April 2015 release
LT-1998 Question naming issues with MyUni I am currently setting up a quiz that requires specific question names to help with breaking up the content and differentiating sections. I can very easily name the questions as required , but when running the test, each question is simply called "Question 1", "Question 2", 

It appears MyUni is ignoring question titles.
Blackboard have advised this is intended behaviour N/A
LT-2169 Extra columns in grade centre caused by adding online content links There are still extra grade centre columns in courses caused by adding online content links at the start of the year (2015) The extra grade centre columns are no longer being created when adding online content links. A fix is being worked on to delete any existing columns caused by this issue. Myuni Assist are also available to help remove the columns manually. Ongoing
LT-2063 Online Content (Equella) Error When instructors try to deploy "Online Content" items to any content areas, the following error is displayed "An error has occurred" Remove % symbol from content titles Target release: Equella 6.3 QA2
LT-1796 Turnitin: decimal points in Rubric individual cells I used to be able to put decimal points in Turnitin rubric individual cells when creating new Rubric for Turnitin assignment. But now, i can't type decimal points in the Turnitin assignment Rubric.

Please can you tell if the function of using decimal points in Turnitin assignment Rubric has been disabled or not ?
Open up a blank document or find an area on your computer (e.g. search field in some web browsers) where you can type in the decimal value. After typing in your decimal value, copy the text by highlighting it with your mouse, right-click the text and select copy. Paste the copied decimal value to the rubric scale using the right-click feature on your mouse and select paste. Note: Using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + V on a PC or Command + V on a Mac) to paste the decimal value will not work. Turnitin are working on a fix - No ETA
LT-2004 Online Content: DRMC links can NOT be opened by Google Chrome
Instructor advised she can't open links added from Online Content using Google Chrome. And when she click the link, it stocked in next page.

Recommended Instructor uses Firefox to access the link
Browser configuration issue. The user needs to "user needs to click on the 'shield' symbol in their address bar and allow mixed content / disable blocking". N/A
LT-1977 Inline grading for assignments Unable to open inline grading of group assignment for course in grade centre. On clicking "group attempt" button it loops back to grade centre.

Assignment: "Submission Portal-Essay Assignment"

Steps to reproduce problem:

1) Navigate to Full grade centre.
2) In Submission Portal column, try grading any individual student by clicking Overridden Group Attempt option.
3) When you click on that option nothing happens
4) In normal scenario it should open an inline grading screen powered by Crocodoc.

 N/A Target release April 2015
LT-2019 Emails automatically adds line breaks <br> on top of a para tag <p> When sending an email from MyUni, <br> tags are being added between <p> tags.

In the MyUni text editor, when typing Hi <enter> test <enter> test <enter> the HTML source is:

See first image

After the email is sent, the source of the email is this:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

The added <br> tags are adding too much space
N/A Target release April 2015
LT-2025 Student Preview mode not showing correct to-do module data When in student preview mode, the To-Do is displaying wrong data. Next to the word "Today" is a bracket that show (2) when it should be (1) N/A Too Minor to report
LT-2418 Error when using WebCam Recording in Content Item

When attempting to add a video by clicking the "Record from Webcam" icon in a blackboard content item, after clicking "Sign into Youtube"

Error: invalid_request

Use Webcam on Windows Movie Maker to record the video and then upload into MyUni.

How to Guide:

LT-2499 Grade Center isn't scrollable on iPad When opening Full Grade Center on an iPad in Chrome, Safari or Firefox, Grade Center isn't scrollable.  Turns on the Screen Reader mode by clicking the white chevron/arrow next to Grade Center: Full Grade Center at top of the page, then user can drag the Grade Center left or right or up or down to see the entire Grade Center Blackboard currently has no immediate plan to fix this problem.
LT-2587 DRMC: Ipad can't view online reading document When using Ipad to view online reading from DRMC, iPad can only go to page of "Accept" Copyright Regulations, and then it stops in the "warning" page and can't scroll to read the document content. Advise user to use desktop to view the content N/A


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