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General Troubleshooting

Please make sure you are using the University recommended Operating System and web browser for MyUni. Learn more.

If you have met the recommended system requirements and the issue still exists, please try to clear the history/cache/cookies for your browsers and try again. Learn more.

Check the Known Issues List to see if there is a workaround.

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Further enquiries please contact Service Desk:

  • Phone 831 33000 or email
  • In your email, please include:
    1. Your name and contact information
    2. The course ID, eg. 3310_NURSING_7105
    3. Your computer environment details including Operating System and web browser type and version
    4. What problem you are having exactly and steps to reproduce the problem. It would be ideal if screenshots were provided.
    5. What you have attempted to fix the issue.
    6. If the issue occurs on other Operating Systems or browsers.

Contact MyUni Support

Email Us
 Call us +61 8 8313 3000
Select Option 3, 24/7
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