Patricia Cornelius' LOVE - A student production

"The moment I saw you, I reckon, that very second, that's when, I knew it then."

Annie and Tanya meet in prison. They love each other. Annie and Lorenzo meet while Tanya is in prison. They love each other. Tanya and Lorenzo meet after she gets out. Annie loves them both.

They're young, but already the youth has been wrung out of them. They've been abused, they're abusive, and they're difficult to like, let alone to love. But it is love in all its distorted and mutated forms that holds them together.

Annie and Tanya make a pact; their love will protect them from an unloving world and it will endure. Even the dreadful and charming Lorenzo will not threaten it. Only doubt in each other's love can put a wedge between them.

In the era of Howard's government, f*gstags, and double denim, what and how do you love when the world has decided you don't deserve it?

For three nights only, watch a talented trio of actors tackle challenging and thought provoking aspects of love, directed, performed and crewed by students.

For mature audiences. Contains scenes depicting drug use, violence, sexual acts and strong language.

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