Renao Street: Mid-autumn celebration

All over China, public spaces including streets, markets, parks and squares bustle with life, colour and noise. Along the streets, hawkers ply their trade, markets are crowded with shoppers and stalls are piled high with produce. The Chinese word for this is renao (热闹), which literally means ‘hot and noisy’. And that’s exactly the atmosphere of this unique event at the University of Adelaide when the Student Hub Central will be transformed into Renao Street (热闹街) to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoy food, music, activities and all the vitality and excitement of Chinese hubbub in the Hub.

As part of the University's celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival on the eve of Oz Asia, Moon Lantern Parade, all staff, students, alumni and the community are invited to experience this on-campus public cultural event.

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