Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Simon Lucey

Professorial Lecture Series - Professor Simon Lucey

The Professorial Lecture Series will be held on the last Monday of each month, with each event delivered by a newly appointed professor. Join us in person or online, for the last event in the 2020 program, featuring Professor Simon Lucey, Director, Australian Institute for Machine Learning, The University of Adelaide.

We are releasing a limited number of tickets to attend this event live in The Braggs Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus. Capacity limits apply in order to safely adhere to social distancing protocols. The event will also be livestreamed via Zoom Webinar.

If you have any questions for Simon prior to the lecture, or have any questions about the event please submit them to

The Science of Artificial Intelligence - Australia’s Opportunity?
Machines are increasingly able to perform tasks thought unique to humans. Whether it be driving a car, composing a sonnet, or giving directions; artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing economies, governments and societies around the world. Interestingly, however, even though these machines are starting to “act” more human they do not learn like humans.  Specifically, most AI systems need to be given colossal amounts of data to master even the simplest intelligence task. Humans, on the other hand, can often reach the same competency with just a few examples. Due to AI’s current insatiable appetite for data; many in the community feel it is at risk of hitting a “brick wall” if new solutions/strategies are not found. In this talk I will argue that to avoid this potential wall, we need to better understand the fundamental science and mathematics behind current AI. Of particular interest here will be Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) and how they can be reimagined and made more interpretable. Finally, I will argue why such efforts are essential for Australia’s future economic, societal, and environmental future.  

Hear more about our speaker:
Simon Lucey (Ph.D.) is a professor at the University of Adelaide, where he is the Co-Director of the Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML). Prior to this he was an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute (RI) in Pittsburgh USA.  From 2017-2020, he was a principal scientist at the autonomous vehicle company Argo AI and spent time at the CSIRO (2009-2014). He has received various career awards including an ARC Future Fellowship (2009-2013). Simon’s research interests span computer vision, machine learning, and robotics. He enjoys drawing inspiration from AI researchers of the past to attempt to unlock computational and mathematic models that underlie the processes of visual perception.



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