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University Services Board

The Professional Services Reform (PSR) and associated major organisational change is now complete. The new shared services operating model has been implemented across all Faculties and functions.

The University Services Board (USB), and associated governance framework, will oversee the service quality and effectiveness of the new operating model using a combination of data analysis and business knowledge. The governance framework will ensure that:

  • The structures implemented through the Professional Service Reform are stabilised and embedded effectively and that the intended benefits are realised;
  • The service quality and effectiveness of the new operating model is monitored using a combination of data analysis and business knowledge; and
  • A culture of evidence-based decision making is established and used as the basis for prioritising and implementing appropriate continuous service improvement initiatives.


The role of the University Services Board is:

  • To maintain an appropriate level of transparency and accountability with respect to cost and performance of professional services
  • To identify and pursue opportunities to increase the strategic and operational value of the services delivered
  • To improve operational effectiveness with improved productivity, financial performance, customer service and cross-unit collaboration
  • To oversee the design and implementation of a balanced scorecard, establishing a set of metrics relevant to each stream
  • To champion a collaborative service culture


  • Bruce Lines, Chief Operating Officer (Chair)
  • Tony Mitchell, Chief Finance Officer
  • Bev McQuade, Chief Information Officer
  • Ben Grindlay, Director Marketing & Communications
  • Elysia Ryan, Director Human Resources
  • Virginia Deegan, Director Infrastructure
  • Leah Hill, Director Business Transformation
  • Dave Lamb, Executive Director Division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Academic)
  • Kerry Jaeger, Director, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Research)
  • Faculty Executive Deans or Executive Directors/Managers

Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference.