A Leading Research University

The University of Adelaide is a world class education and research institution, consistently ranked in the top one percent of universities worldwide.

Delivering high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education, Adelaide is internationally renowned for its leading research, and is a member of the Group of Eight; a coalition of Australia’s foremost research intensive universities.


Founded in 1874 with a noble goal, the University of Adelaide would prepare young leaders shaped by education, rather than birth or wealth, and today that goal remains the same. The University's 25,000 students from around the globe enjoy a distinct education experience that enables them to reach their individual potential and prepares them to meet the challenges of the future.

Learning and Teaching

At the University of Adelaide students have the chance to learn in small groups. Under the guidance of leading academics and researchers, they develop critical thinking and research skills, that are applied throughout their academic and professional lives.

They are encouraged to pursue global learning experiences and have access to a suite of online resources to support their on-campus and independent study.

Students can choose from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees across a range of disciplines such as arts; engineering; sciences including computer, mathematical, social and health sciences; and professions such as architecture, business, economics, education and law.


The University campuses are located in South Australia and there is an education centre in Singapore.

The primary campus, located in the heart of the capital city, Adelaide, is surrounded by the state’s art gallery, museum and library, and is walking distance from the central business district, shops, cafes, parklands, botanic gardens and Adelaide Oval.

Roseworthy hosts the state's only veterinary school and houses world-class equine, companion and production animal health centres.

The Waite Campus is the leading research site in the Southern Hemisphere for plant and agricultural science.


Supporting the best outcomes in education and research, the University continues to invest in important infrastructure.

In recent years, new facilities have been developed, providing students with purpose built learning environments and researchers with state-of-the-art technologies and settings.

The next major project is the $206 million dollar Adelaide Medical and Nursing Schools Project, to be built next to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute in the West End of the city.

Our Future

Moving towards the future, the University will continue to draw strength from its past; a place where access to a quality education is open to all; where the aim is to prepare graduates as the future leaders and world citizens of tomorrow. They will be empowered to make their mark in an interconnected and increasingly borderless world.

Researchers will continue to experience an environment conducive to innovation. Through world-class institutes they collaborate across disciplines to search for solutions to the grand challenges of our time.

At the University of Adelaide, we search, we discover, we learn, and we seek, the light of new knowledge.



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Today, 140 years since the University of Adelaide was established, we remain committed to the discovery of new knowledge.

Throughout our history, there have been many outstanding accomplishments. The halls have been graced by Nobel Prize winners, hundreds of Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars, and many thousands of students who, supported by the University of Adelaide’s distinct academic environment, have realised their individual potential. Our graduates have gone on to make a difference in their local and global communities.

Time has passed, new buildings built, campus trees have grown taller, but the fundamental principles articulated in the University’s founding goal—to prepare for South Australia young leaders shaped by education rather than birth or wealth—remain true today. As a place where higher learning is open to all, we continue to welcome a student body of democratic breadth. And in an era of globalisation, our aim is to graduate the educated leaders of tomorrow, with a sense of global citizenship, equipped to take on the challenges of our future.

Looking towards the eve of our 150th anniversary in 2024, we approach this goal across all areas: learning and teaching, research, and engagement, with greater vigour, new methods and a focus on quality. Students will continue to receive a world-class education that is enhanced through small-group discovery experiences, low staff–student ratios, increased global learning opportunities, flexible modes of delivery, and an enriched campus experience that includes access to state-of-the-art technologies and facilities.

We will boost our world-leading research capacity by undertaking more international and interdisciplinary research collaborations, doubling the number of PhD scholarships available for international students and aiming for an even higher percentage of our research fields to be rated above world standard. And we will further our importance to the community as an educator, employer, industry partner, thought leader and innovator.

I am proud to lead the University in my role as Vice-Chancellor and President and I invite you to discover more about our distinct university, located in the heart of the unique, pioneering state of South Australia.

Professor Mike Brooks

Interim Vice-Chancellor and President

“The University of Adelaide will become no less than Australia’s most distinctive university, set in Australia’s most civilised of cities....”

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