Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership

Significant funding means the defence industry is set to boom. Be a major player in the industry by developing your leadership and collaboration skills.

Submarine in ocean

Duration: Two courses totalling 13 days over 10 months

Course dates: future course dates are still being finalised

Location: Level 7, Nexus 10, 10 Pulteney Street, plus site visits.

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  • Program overview

    Following significant federal investment, the South Australian defence industry is set to boom. Huge submarine construction and shipbuilding programs are in train. Workforces are growing. Demand for leadership skills rises by the day.

    Whether you’re a defence technician keen to step up, or an outside professional looking to step in, our Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership (PC-DIL) will prepare you to make your move.

    Designed in conjunction with the Defence Teaming Centre, the PC-DIL will develop your core leadership skills in a defence industry-specific context, covering key areas such as self-leadership, ethics, networks, collaboration, dealing with complexity, and managing change.

  • Who is the program for?

    Managers and leaders from across the defence industry sector, including prime defence contractors, SMEs, professional service providers, Department of Defence, the Australian Defence Force and government agencies.

  • What will you learn?

    Through contemporary blended and hands-on experiential learning, you will:

    • Deeply understand complexity in the defence industry
    • Gain proficiency in self-leadership, self-awareness and change management
    • Learn to effectively manage multi-party collaboration
    • Become comfortable applying adaptive leadership skills in challenging environments
    • Understand networks in the defence industry context
    • Enhance your academic literacy and research skills.

    You’ll benefit from frequent industry visits; presentations from senior defence specialists; advanced simulation and guided experimentation exercises; and an immersive retreat in a key defence facility.

  • Where could it lead you?

    You could find yourself guiding critical Future Submarine system integration. You might help manage upgrades to the world-leading JORN over-the-horizon radar network. Perhaps you’ll lead a Triton unmanned aircraft sustainment team.

    Potential careers include: Management Analyst, Manager / Business Management, Business Analyst, Business Development Manager, Business Management, Business Manager, Consultant, Project Development Manager, Project Manager

  • Key topics

    This Professional Certificate is made up of two courses: Leading Oneself and Leading Others. The key topics for each course are:

    Defence Industry Leadership I: Leading Oneself Defence Industry Leadership II: Leading Others
    • Leading oneself
    • Servant leadership
    • The Defence Industry context
    • Self-awareness
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Communication
    • Self-empowerment
    • Ethics
    • Neuroscience
    • Decision-making
    • Leading others
    • Aspects of adaptive leadership
    • The VUCA world
    • Understanding teams
    • Understanding people
    • Building and managing networks
    • Creating collaboration
    • Managing and leading change
    • Dealing with disruption
    • Integrative thinking
  • Timetable example

    Defence Industry Leadership I: Leading Oneself

    Activity Duration
    Orientation session 1 hour
    Modules 1 and 2 2 days
    Module 3 1 day
    Module 4 1 day
    Module 5 1 day
    Module 6 1 day

    Defence Industry Leadership II: Leading Others

    Activity Duration
    Modules 1 and 2 2 days
    Module 3 1 day
    Module 4 1 day
    Module 5 1 day
    Module 6 1 day
    Module 7 1 day

    *All dates are indicative and subject to change.

  • Assessment

    Participants will be required to complete various subject assessments to graduate from the PC-DIL. These are made up of a mix of individual and group tasks, including learnings journals, group projects, and a group concept paper.

    While the program does allow some time to undertake the work required, you will need to allocate personal time to complete the assessments as well as the readings for each course.

  • Credit

    Successful completion of Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership may provide credit into the University of Adelaide’s MBA program (subject to meeting the standard entry requirements for the MBA).   

  • Scholarships

    Scholarship support for the Professional Certificate in Defence Leadership is funded by PACE to ensure our program is accessible to all candidates who have the capability and drive to undertake studies across two categories: 

    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
    • South Australian Veteran

    Scholarships may be offered to candidates who are South Australian Veterans or of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who can demonstrate leadership qualities in their workplace or community.

    Each scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition fees for one applicant per scholarship per program intake.

    Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

    • A statement addressing how the Professional Certificate in Defence Leadership will assist you to further your leadership potential, and how your knowledge and experience will contribute to the classroom environment
    • A statement outlining how the Professional Certificate in Defence Leadership will help you to develop and lead initiatives within your workplace or community
    • A referee report 
    • Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent

    Rules & eligibility 

    • To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must have made a formal application for entry into the PC-DIL Program.
    • Scholarship applications must be submitted by the application deadline for the PC-DIL intake.
    • If a student accepts a scholarship and then defers commencement of their studies, they must apply to the Executive Education Director for approval to have the scholarship deferred for up to a maximum of 12 months.
    • If a student withdraws from, or is not enrolled in the PC-DIL for a period of 12 months or longer the scholarship will cease.
    • If a student does not successfully complete a course, either by receiving an overall fail grade or withdrawing during the Withdraw No Fail (WNF) or Withdraw Fail (WF) periods, the scholarship will not cover completion of any required additional courses.

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The Professional Certificate in Defence Industry Leadership has been an informative and enjoyable experience. It has given me far greater insight into the challenges facing Defence industry and the exciting opportunities available in this growing sector. The course has helped me to improve my skills so that I can make my mark as a leader within the Defence sector. As a result of this program, I have greater self-awareness and I am encouraged, excited and empowered to continue my journey as a leader in Defence industry.Steven Barns