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It is certainly important to be looking for cures to medical disorders, but it is equally important to conduct research on human health and well-being. Stephen LaBerge.

PARC is a 6 bed, 2 chair clinical facility capable of conducting clinical trials across all stages of development, fully equipped with all of the latest medical technology to ensure the safety of our healthy volunteers and patients.

We are able to provide 4 private rooms for clinical assessment, as well as shared entertainment and meeting room facilities. It provides an environment to allow close and intensive monitoring of participants involved in complex studies such as first in man dosing studies and less complex outpatient based studies.

Full support and equipment is available for studies that require intensive subject monitoring. In addition to executing studies ourselves, the PARC Unit can also be made available to other local investigators planning to undertake specialised studies.

Due to our location at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and our affiliation with the University of Adelaide our unit has all the facilities of a major public teaching hospital and a leading Australian University.

An abbreviated list of facilities at PARC is provided below. We welcome CRO and Sponsor site assessment visits.

  • Emergency management through the 24 hour on-call medical team at the hospital
  • Monitored alarmed facilities
  • Secure storage onsite and off site.
  • Secure electronic storage
  • Schedule 8 storage and supply
  • 24 hour Security Services
  • Onsite laboratory with monitored, alarmed storage, centrifuge, fridge and freezer facilities
  • Utilities area
  • Pharmacy services
  • Study monitor (CRA) area
  • Dedicated disability lavatories
  • Dedicated bathroom suites for PARC participants
  • Facilities for visiting family
  • Easy access to outdoor areas and internal gardens
  • Wireless technology and Internet
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Meal ordering for patients
  • Participant lounge and TV area
  • Participant Kitchen
  • Cafes
  • Post office
  • Additional facilities such as a gymnasium are also available.
  • Childcare facilities are soon to be available.


PARC Clinical Research

PARC Clinical Research                    Level 4G.1, East Wing,
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Port Road, Adelaide
South Australia, Australia 5000


T: +61 8 7074 1544 
F: +61 8 7074 6177