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PASS at the University of Adelaide

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS ) is an internationally accredited Program and operates in over 35 countries.

The University of Wollongong has been the National Centre for PASS since 2005, providing training to staff in Australasian Universities to become PASS Supervisors within their own institutions. See National PASS Centre

Expansion of PASS at the University of Adelaide

PASS sits within the portfolio of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning) and is identified as an auxiliary teaching activity.  The program is now part of the Student Engagement and Success Team, along with the Maths Learning Centre and Writing Centre staff, sharing the goals of assisting students to maximize their academic success and connect with their learning communities.

PASS was first piloted at the University of Adelaide in 2011 in the School of Economics.  The program continues to expand each year and now operates in specific courses in every Faculty.  Courses for the current semester are listed in Courses and Session Times.

The role of PASS Leaders

Please refer to the PASS Pie Model.

Weekly 50 minute study group sessions are student-driven with the focus of the session being determined by those who attend on the day in consultation with the PASS Leader.  PASS Leaders are undergraduate students who have excelled in the course for which they have been selected as PASS Leader.  They come with prepared activities to each class, ready to guide the group through their questions and through revision and discussion of content covered in formal classes. 

For further information about the roles and responsibilities of the PASS Coordinator, Academic Course Coordinator, and PASS Leaders please see PASS Leaders

Recruitment and Selection of PASS Leaders

PASS Recruitment gives details on the process of recruiting, selecting and training PASS Leaders.  Criteria for PASS Leadership and benefits to student leaders are outlined in PASS Leaders.  Course Coordinators are consulted during the selection process for their respective courses.

PASS Coordinator

Audrey Stratton is a trained PASS Supervisor, responsible for implementing and overseeing the PASS Program at the University of Adelaide. She has been employed by the University since 2004. Prior to taking on the role of PASS Coordinator she worked as a Student Advisor at Roseworthy Campus, a Disability Officer in the Disability Service, a counsellor in the Counselling,Service, and as a Peer Networking Coordinator, assisting Faculty staff to run peer mentoring programs.

Selection of PASS courses

If you wish your course to be considered for inclusion in the PASS program or want to discuss any issues related to PASS please feel free to contact Audrey by email or phone 8313 8192.  Our part time Admin Officer can be contacted on 8313 3021.

In making final selections within the available budget, priority is given to challenging large first year courses.  PASS staff consult Faculty Associate Deans of Learning and Teaching and relevant Professional staff to identify appropriate courses to consider for selection.  Direct requests to PASS by staff and students are also considered.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions