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Benefits for PASS Leaders

Key benefits include:

  • Consolidating the Leader’s own knowledge of course content
  • Developing Graduate Attribute skills Graduate Attributes
  • Greater opportunities to become tutors- PASS leadership is regarded as useful training and experience for tutoring
  • Learning creative methods for sharing and promoting knowledge
  • Satisfaction from having assisted other students to improve their own academic performances
  • Developing a closer identification with specific learning communities
  • The potential to take on senior PASS leadership roles
  • Receipt of a cash reward at the end of the semester as a thank you for the Leader’s contributions to PASS
  • Receipt of a certificate that recognizes the role Leaders have played in the program- excellent to include in job applications and resumes
  • An opportunity to be considered for National PASS awards

Cash Rewards

PASS Leaders are not tutors, nor are they paid at a tutor rate.  However a substantial cash reward is one of the ways in which we say thank you to our volunteer PASS Leaders for sharing their knowledge and experience, attending the prerequisite training days, facilitating weekly classes, and contributing to the overall success of PASS at this University.

At the end of the relevant semester, PASS Leaders will receive a one-off honorarium cash payment. The amount of the honorarium will be determined by the number of classes led by the PASS Leader and budgetary considerations.

Information for students receiving income support via Centrelink

The University has sought clarification from Centrelink about how the honorarium payments will be viewed. The Business Support Services Level 2 response is that cash rewards or honorariums are regarded as assessable income, assessed over a 52 week period. In other words, a $1000 honorarium represents an assessable weekly income of about $19.23.

The relevant section of the Social Security Act 1991, which can be quoted to local Centrelink staff, is Section 8 (1) entitled Income Test Definition

Peer Assisted Study Sessions