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PASS Pie Model

The PASS Pie is a visual representation of the role of PASS Leaders in the PASS small group study process.

It prompts PASS Leaders to consider how best to facilitate dynamic group work. It also prompts leaders to prepare group activities that help PASS students achieve their own learning goals, incorporating the development of study skills into the process.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions – Pillars in Evaluation

PASS Pie Model

PASS Pie Model - view the text version below.

A lecturer or tutor would put ‘Learning Outcomes’ in the centre, as their primary purpose is to teach students. However, a PASS leader’s purpose is to facilitate, evaluating what students have learned and helping them express this information while developing positive study skills and graduate attributes.

Created by Chantalle Narayan, Andrea Stiglingh & Valentin Stoica, PASS Leaders (November 2016, and adapted from the OPS Pentagon (

Special thanks to Dr. John Willison for his guidance and input in the creation of the model.

Text Version

    • Prompt students to self-evaluate and peer-evaluate.
    • Consider whether each slice has been effectively executed throughout the session.
  • Define Learning Outcomes
    • Set the agenda for the session.
    • Tailor the session to course content and key assessment pieces.
  • Create Activities
    • Target your learning outcomes through activities, questions, quizzes, worksheets and more.
    • Develop a go-to activity/system in case the session runs short.
  • Promote Group Work
    • Have you considered different group sizes/inconsistent attendance when planning activities?
  • Integrate Application & Study Skills
    • How does what you’ve covered apply to the course and the real world?
    • Have you considered how your session fosters effective study skills and graduate attributes?
  • Dynamism
    • Remember: PASS is dynamic. Attendance varies and students will ask unanticipated questions.
    • Follow the Three R’s - Reword, Refer & Redirect.
Peer Assisted Study Sessions