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Responsibilities in PASS Programs

Academic Course Coordinator

The Academic Course Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Vetoing proposed selected PASS leaders for their respective course; the PASS Coordinator takes the lead in recruitment and selection of leaders (see PASS Recruitment)
  • Providing relevant text books to PASS leaders
  • Providing PASS Leaders with an overview of the course, and guidance on key concepts to emphasize
  • Being the reference point for PASS Leaders in regard to clarifying academic questions and issues
  • Assisting the PASS Coordinator, in collaboration with Faculty Timetablers, to identify suitable times and venues for their course's PASS classes; the PASS Coordinator will take the lead in proposing a timetable but will seek the Academic Course Coordinator's input as to suitability of times and venues
  • Ensuring that PASS Leaders are added as guests to the relevant Course MyUni or Canvas site so that they can view recorded lectures, power point slides, assessments and related due dates, and course notices (but not grades or submitted assignments)
  • Ensuring that appropriate promotional PASS messages and notices are uploaded to the relevant MyUni or Canvas site, and PASS Leaders are given an opportunity to promote PASS at occasional lectures


Peer Assisted Study Sessions