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Responsibilities in PASS Programs

PASS Leaders

PASS Leaders will be expected to take 2-3 classes per week in the same course where 2 or more schedules classes are offered

As a PASS Leader you will be expected to spend approximately 4-6 hours per week in the following activities:

  • Attending in person, or via MyUni or Canvas, at least 50% of the weekly lectures
  • Consulting with academic staff, as needed, to clarify key concepts and what to emphasize
  • Developing and selecting resources for the PASS sessions in conjunction with other PASS leaders
  • Undertaking up to three weekly 50 minute PASS sessions for groups of 5-25 students; assisting the students to better understand course content and required academic skills
  • At the beginning of each class,identifying areas that present challenges to participating students and adapting prepared materials accordingly
  • Completing some administrative record keeping tasks
  • Assisting with promotion of PASS to relevant cohorts, including some public speaking tasks

NB Training and support is provided  to enable PASS Leaders to successfully complete the above tasks

Peer Assisted Study Sessions