User Guide

The quick steps below will help you select and download photos from the Photo Library.

  • Step 1: visit the Photo Library

    Visit the Photo Library to start searching for your free photos to use in your University materials.

  • Step 2: search photos

    Searching for an image

    Search the database for a suitable image by scrolling through all of the available images, or type in simple keywords (e.g. building, Bonython Hall, student) and search using the built-in search function at the top of the homepage.

    To clear a search, click the small blue cross small blue cross in the search field and enter a new search term.

    Advanced search options

    In the left hand side menu options under 'Categories' click on The University of Adelaide to reveal the following categories which can be used for filtering; 

    • Campus
    • Events
    • Faculties and Divisions
    • Staff
    • Student

    Each of the above has sub-categories which can be clicked on to narrow down search results. 



    To return to the previous option, click on the small arrow next to The University of Adelaide category option. 

    Filter icon - back


    Use the drop downs under ‘Orientation’ to select your image orientation, if you are looking for ladscape or portrait specific imagery. 

  • Step 3: add to your basket

    The photo library allows you to select photos and add them to your collection basket before downloading them.

    To do this, find your chosen image and click on the basket icon below the image. This adds your photo to the collection basket. The basket icon turns grey when an image has been added.

    The basket indicator panel at the top right of the web page indicates the number of photos you have in your collections.



    To view and manage what is in your basket, click on the Basket text.

  • Step 4: downloading

    When you are ready to download your photo or collection, click on the downward facing arrow - the download button.

    When you click on the download button, a dialogue box will appear, providing the option to download various version of the image.

    Download options


    Select your preferred option and then click the blue Download button.

  • Step 5: using the photos

    Photos available on this site may only be used on University materials. They cannot be supplied or sold to external parties outside of the University without prior consent.

    All photographs should be credited to 'Marketing and Communications - The University of Adelaide'.

    For guidelines on how to use images on your university website, please see using images and graphics.