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Student Experience of Learning & Teaching (SELT)

Evaluation is a central component of professional development, course/program development and the University's quality assurance process.  One of the major evaluation tools used at the University is the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) system.

SELTs are conducted for the majority of courses in each Semester and programs annually. Students complete their surveys online and teachers download their reports. Planning and Analytics assists in the implementation of the Student Experience of Learning and Teaching Policy and centrally administer the surveys. More information is available for Staff Fact Sheet and FAQs pdf and for Students Student FAQs pdf.

SELT is only one of the necessary components for making informed decisions about improving student learning outcomes, and staff and Schools should use other methods, such as reflective practice and peer review, student assessment results and teaching portfolios in order to construct an informed view of the learning and teaching being evaluated. Evaluation is a positive process and should be used for the enhancement of staff development and student learning.

For information on the management of other surveys within the University, see the QILT Surveys page and the University Survey Framework.

For SELT enquiries call +61 8 8313 3496 or email

When are SELTs conducted?

SELT surveys are conducted online at the end of each semester, trimester or term and are administered by Planning and Analytics.  There is no need to request a SELT, they will be conducted automatically. Refer to the Timetable below. Program SELT surveys are conducted annually towards the end of the academic year.

Who is included in the SELT?

In order for a Teacher (lecturer, tutor, demonstrator etc) to be included in the SELT they must be recorded in the Student System (PeopleSoft) against the relevant course(s), this follows the same process used to allow teachers access to courses in MyUni. Faculties/Schools/Areas are able to update this information in the GEN Class Schedule/Session.

A Course survey will be administered for every course, each time it is offered unless it is exempted according to the SELT Policy or an Exemption Request has been granted by the DVCA on recommendation of the relevant Executive Dean. For course exemption, please email

A Program survey will be administered annually for every program with students enrolled in it.

How are SELTs conducted?

Students are sent an email containing a link to the SELT System which will list all of the surveys (for courses) they should complete (based on their current enrolment).

Staff are encouraged to schedule time for students to complete Course Surveys in-class based on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach (where this is possible). More information is provided in the Staff SELT Promotion fact sheet pdf. Additional promotion materials include a Poster pdf and PowerPoint presentation.

What questions are in the SELT?

Each survey consists of 1 mandatory likert, 2 mandatory open ended and 8 optional likert course questions and 1 mandatory likert, 2 mandatory open ended and 5 optional likert teacher questions. Sample Survey pdf. Program SELT survey consists of 1 mandatory likert, 2 mandatory open ended and 10 optional likert course questions.

Where can I access SELT Reports?

When the survey period has concluded and reports have been generated, Teachers, Program and Course Coordinators and Heads of School will receive an email notification to access their reports which they can download and return to at a later date. They will only see reports relevant to the courses they teach or are responsible for.


SELT surveys for 2019 will be conducted as follows:

Teaching Period Survey Period Reports Available
* Summer Semester 2 days before course end date (2 weeks) Thu 18 Apr
Term One Mon 8 Apr - Fri 19 Apr Tue 7 May
Trimester One Mon 22 Apr - Fri 3 May Tue 21 May
Semester One Mon 3 Jun - Fri 21 Jun Tue 23 Jul
Term Two Mon 24 Jun - Fri 5 Jul Tue 23 Jul
* Winter Semester 2 days before course end date (2 weeks) TBA
Trimester Two Mon 12 Aug - Fri 23 Aug Tue 10 Sep
Term Three Mon 16 Sep - Fri 27 Sep Tue 15 Oct
Semester Two Mon 21 Oct - Fri 8 Nov Tue 10 Dec
Trimester Three Mon 18 Nov - Fri 29 Nov Tue 17 Dec
Term Four Mon 9 Dec - Fri 20 Dec Tue 14 Jan 2020
Program Mon 26 Aug - Fri 13 Sep Tue 24 Sep

*Surveys will be conducted based on the end date of the course as defined in the Student System, all surveys will commence 2 days prior to the end date of the course and conclude 2 weeks after the end date of the course.

SELT Expectation Standards 2018-2020

As part of the University's desire to improve the student learning experience, the mandatory questions from the Teacher, Course and Program SELTs will be used as indicators of quality.

For each of these questions a high level of broad agreement is expected as indicated below.

Reports indicating the level of achievement of teachers and courses in meeting the expectation standards will be provided to Heads of School and Executive Deans.

SELT Question % Broad Agreement
2018 2019 2020
Teacher Q1 [Teacher] is an effective university teacher 80 80 80
Course Q1 Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this course 82 82 82
Program Q1 Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of my program 80 80 80

Download Standards


Getting and Using Student Feedback

Student feedback plays an integral role in the continuous improvement of student learning experiences and outcomes.

The Getting and Using Student Feedback page provides a brief overview of the primary ways student feedback can be used to improve teaching and learning, discusses the various types of student feedback available to staff, offers some recommendations for best practice, and raises some questions for discussion.

Additional information is contained in the Guidelines on the Interpretation and Use of SELT (including how to report inappropriate feedback) and a Feedback to Students template for Course Co-ordinators.

Individual Reports

Once each survey period has concluded and reports have been generated, Teachers, Program and Course Coordinators and Heads of School receive an email notification that reports relevant to the courses they teach or are responsible for are available.  The notification includes access to the SELT system. The reports can be downloaded and returned to at a later date.

Teachers will be able to download one pdf document with the title 'Individual Report for SUBJECT AREA NNNN Description (Your Name)' containing:

  • Responses and statistics for the mandatory Course likert question and answered optional Course likert questions excluding comments for the 2 open ended questions
  • Responses and statistics for the mandatory Teacher likert question, answered optional Teacher likert questions and all student comments for the 2 open ended questions
  • Overall comparison statistics for the Course and Teacher surveys for the Course, School, Faculty and University
  • Sample Teacher Report (Full)pdf
  • Sample Teacher Report (Likert)pdf

Comments have been excluded from the Course section at the request of faculties, as students will sometimes comment about teaching staff in the course open ended questions which are not appropriate for all teaching staff to see.

If you teach more than one course you will see separate pdf documents.

Course Coordinator/Head of School/Executive Deans will be able to download:

  • All the Teacher reports (except the Teacher Likert Report) as described above for their course including their own if involved in teaching
  • A pdf document with the title 'Course Report for SUBJECT AREA NNNN Description' containing:

Understanding your SELT Report

Each SELT is unique and must be viewed in the context of the particular teaching environment.  However, there are some general principles that can be applied when interpreting your results from Teacher or Course SELT questionnaires in the Interpreting SELT Data fact sheet.

For User Access to SELT Reports (Staff only)

Aggregate Reports

Summary aggregate reports are available for the University, Faculty, School and Discipline (where available and where course SELT surveys were conducted). The Explanatory Notes pdf provide information (including terms used) on how to read the data in these reports.

As the new eSELT systems was in pilot phase for 2013, the level one eSELT data has been excluded from the Student Course and Standard Teacher Aggregate SELT Reports below.


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