SELT and QILT Surveys

SELT surveys

The Student Experience of Learning and Teaching (SELT) system enables the University to conduct student surveys which are centrally administered by Planning and Analytics and accessed by University staff throughout the academic year.

Student Experience of Teaching and Learning (SELT)

Information on the surveys, reports, using feedback, and expectation standards

QILT surveys

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) is a group of national surveys of the higher education sector established by the Department of Education and Training.  The aim of the QILT surveys is to collect information on the experiences of higher education students, and the teaching performance of institutions, for the Australian Government and the sector.  Results from these surveys will also be published on the Government’s QILT website, in order to provide prospective students with relevant information that will help them make decisions about their study options. The information from these surveys will also assist the University to improve the educational experience of our own students.

The QILT surveys will collect student experience data at various stages throughout the student life cycle, from enrolment through to graduation and subsequent employment. There are four major surveys included in the QILT, they are SES, GOS, GOS-L and ESS.

Student Experience Surveys (SES)

Collects information about the experience and engagement of current students 

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

Principal source of information on the outcomes and experiences of university graduates after they finish their studies

Graduate Outcomes Survey - Longitudinal (GOS-L)

Follow-up component to the GOS that examines the outcomes of university graduates over a longer term

Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Opinions of employers on the quality of the graduates that they employ, and on how well university study prepared them for employment