Professorial Named Chairs Guidelines


These Guidelines are designed to provide a clear process for the effective assignment of named Chairs in the University.


Custodianship of these guidelines transferred from Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President (Services and Resources) to Vice-Chancellor and President on 18 May 2016.

Title Version Date uploaded
Professorial Named Chairs Guidelines D2019/163450 2 Aug 2019

RMO File No. 2004/642
Policy custodian Chief Operating Officer
Responsible policy officer Director, Human Resources
Approved by University Council on 23 February 2017
Related Policies Recruitment Policy
Superceded Policies Professorial Named Chairs Guidelines (18 February 2013)
Effective from 23 February 2017
Review Date 22 February 2020
Contact for queries about the policy Human Resources Service Centre, ext. 31111 or email

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