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The Adelaide Law Review is a refereed journal that is published twice a year by the Adelaide Law Review Association of the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide.

A guide for the submission of manuscripts is set out below. Articles, book reviews, review essays, and comment pieces of all areas of law for possible publication are welcomed, and these should be addressed to:

The Editors in Chief
Adelaide Law Review
Law School
The University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005

The Adelaide Law Review welcomes book reviews (suggested length 1500-2000 words) which are reviewed by the Book Review Editor (book reviews are not peer-reviewed). The Review also welcomes longer review essays (up to 5000 words) that critically engage with the ideas and argument in the book. Review essays are sent out for peer-review in the same manner as other manuscripts. Please note that the Review does not accept submissions of case notes other than from the Review's own student editors.

Books for review should be addressed to:

The Book Review Editor
Adelaide Law Review
Law School
The University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005

Submission Deadlines

From July 2014, the Adelaide Law Review will establish submission deadlines for its two general issues each year, as follows:

For publication in the first issue of each volume (in July each year), the deadline is 31 October of the previous year
For publication in the second issue of each volume (in December of each year), the deadline is 31 March of that year

Themed Issues

The Editors may, from time to time, publish a third 'themed' issue during a year, with selected authors being invited to submit articles for those themed issues.

Manuscript Requirements

In preparing manuscripts for submission, authors should be guided by the following points:
  1. Submissions must be made via email to the Editors in Chief ( or via ExpressO or Scholastica.
  2. Authors are expected to check the accuracy of all references in their manuscript before submission. It is not always possible to submit proofs for correction.
  3. Biographical details should be starred (*) and precede the footnotes. They should include the author's current employment.
  4. Submissions should comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne University Law Review Association, 3rd ed, 2010).
  5. An abstract of between 150 and 200 words should also be included with submissions (excluding case notes and book reviews).
  6. Any figures in manuscripts that are of too low a resolution to produce a suitable print quality will be re-drawn by the Adelaide Law Review's typesetters at the author's cost.
  7. If the submission is accepted by the Adelaide Law Review, it will be published in hard copy and electronically.
  8. Authors must sign an Author Agreement prior to the publication of their submission. The Editors prefer that a signed Author Agreement be included at the time of submission.
  9. We prefer to publish articles of fewer than 12 000 words (including footnotes), although we are willing to consider longer submissions where the topic warrants it.


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