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Bridging Transcultural Divides

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Bridging Transcultural Divides

Asian Languages and Cultures in Global Higher Education

edited by Xianlin Song and Kate Cadman

$44.00 | 2012 | Paperback | 978-1-922064-30-1 | 286 pp

FREE | 2012 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-922064-31-8 | 286 pp


  • Chapter Details

    Kent Anderson

    PART I — Another pedagogy is possible

    1. Embracing transcultural pedagogy: An epistemological perspective
    Kate Cadman and Xianlin Song

    PART II — Re-locating teaching and learning

    2. What are the implications for learning in Australian universities if and when the centre of the world shifts towards Asia?
    Mobo Gao

    3. (Post) Modern times: Transcultural exchange and the circumstances of postgraduate social science research
    Greg McCarthy

    PART III — Transforming curriculum in Asian language teaching

    4. Teaching Asian languages from an intercultural perspective: Building bridges for and with students of Indonesian
    Anthony J Liddicoat and Michelle Kohler

    5. A Study Skills Action Plan: Integrating self-regulated learning in a diverse higher education context
    Kayoko Enomoto

    6. The challenge of motivation: Teaching Japanese kanji characters to students from diverse language backgrounds
    Naomi Aoki

    7. Personal growth through intercultural communication: Engaging native speakers and reflective learning in Japanese language curriculum
    Akiko Tomita

    PART IV — Capitalising on Asian social and cultural studies in contexts of diversity

    8. Increasing cultural flexibility: A psychological perspective on the purpose of intercultural education
    Delia Lin

    9. Reflections of a ‘Korean’ teaching about Japan in globalising Australia
    Sejin Pak

    10. Critiquing critical thinking: Asia's contribution towards sociological conceptualisation
    Shoko Yoneyama

    PART V — Bridging learning gaps

    11. Chinese culture and plagiarism: A convenient cause for an inconvenient issue in the academy
    Ming Hwa Ting

    12. Education with(out) distinction: Beyond graduate attributes for Chinese international students
    Xianlin Song and Kate Cadman

“The impressive and stimulating essays in Bridging Transcultural Divides deal with the cultural and educational issues in the Australian context.  (...) The book’s central message is that education for Asian students in Australia, and more broadly in the West, can no longer been seen as a one-way transfer of knowledge, but must be understood as a process of reciprocal learning in which both teachers and students are changed by the experience.”

Prof. Tim Wright
University of Sheffield

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    “The contributors of this remarkable book explore a wide range of topics relating to the discipline of Asian Studies in Australian higher education. From perspectives ranging from that of senior academics to postgraduate students and area expertise from Indonesia to Japan, they give concrete and often personal accounts of their teaching and/or learning of Asian languages and cultures. However, they all have one aim in common: to bridge the divide at the many interfaces of this endeavour, whether they are cultural, pedagogical or political. All those who are interested in creating a more culturally diverse and sensitive world should read this book.”

    Professor Kam Louie
    University of Hong Kong

    "This volume presents the diverse approaches and achievements of scholars of Asian cultures and languages in today’s global academy. Recent vast increases in student numbers and ethnic diversity have created pressing challenges for a higher education which engages with contemporary concerns for Asian societies as well as for Asian students involved in Western education. This collection of scholarly analyses demonstrates the centrality and significance of Asian Studies and languages for these globalising academic communities. Significantly, it demands a rethinking of traditional ‘intercultural’ education. In so doing, it brings empirical knowledge as well as multicultural interpretation and multilingual expertise to throw new light on the challenges in higher education today, and to open up new understandings of the demands of the future."

    Professor John Makeham
    Head, Department of Chinese Studies, The Australian National University

About the Book

Senator Penny Wong launched Bridging Transcultural Divides in December.
View all the photographs of the launch taken by Shoo Lin Siah.

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