12 March 2014

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University of Adelaide Press Update

Dear Subscribers,

In May we are releasing the title The Waite: A social and scientific history of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute. This beautifully designed book with full-colour images is a scientific but still very readable and anecdotal account of the history of Adelaide's famous Research Institute. It will be available only in a hardcover edition.


The Waite: A social and scientific history of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute

by Lynette Zeitz

$55.00 | 2014 | Hardback | 978-1-922064-61-5 | 456 pp


1 Transforming Peter Waite’s Paddocks: The creation and development of the Institute until 1955

2 An enchanted time: Melville’s directorship and government support for universities and scientific endeavours 1955-1974

3 The circling of wagons: The Quirk years and the financial challenges from 1974-1989

4 A real whirlwind: Woolhouse and developing a research precinct 1990-1995

5 Steadying the ship and new horizons: Oades, Fincher and a new Faculty 1996-2005

6 Opening new worlds: Fundamental, enabling science from agricultural biochemistry to functional genomics

7 Science provides the tools: Cereals, pulses and pastures

8 More than one tiny aspect: Understanding and protecting crops

9 Wine and food for the Good Life: Horticulture, viticulture and oenology

10 The mysteries underfoot: Soils and nutrients

11 No easy field: Animal sciences

12 Heritage, science and community: The Waite Historic Precinct

13 Our responsibility: Education and the community

14 The curious lives of scientists (and their supporters)

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