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This is to let you know about our new and forthcoming publications. Our titles are available in two editions: a high-quality paperback for purchase and a free, downloadable PDF.

Imagining Law cover

Imagining Law: Essays in Conversation with Judith Gardam

edited by Dale Stephens and Paul Babie

$55.00 | 2016 | Paperback | 978-1-925261-30-1 | 332 pp
FREE | 2016 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-31-8 | 332 pp


This book celebrates Judith Gardam's academic life and work with twelve essays from leading scholars in her fields of expertise — including international law, energy law and feminist theory.

Making Publics, Making Places cover

Making Publics, Making Places

edited by Mary Griffiths and Kim Barbour

$44.00 | 2016 | Paperback | 978-1-925261-42-4 | 238 pp
FREE | 2016 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-43-1 | 238 pp


This book focuses on the surprising generative possibilities which digital and smart technologies offer media consumers, citizens, institutions and governments in making publics and places, across topics as diverse as Twitter audiences, rural news, the elasticity of the public sphere, Weibo, cultural heritage and responsive spaces in smart cities.

NCOHS cover

Oral health of Australian children: The National Child Oral Health Study 2012–14

edited by Loc G. Do and A. John Spencer

$55.00 | 2016 | Paperback | 978-1-925261-40-0 | 367 pp
FREE | 2016 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-925261-41-7 | 367 pp


This collaborative work provides a detailed snapshot of child oral health in Australia. In doing so, it describes the levels of dental caries and its components, dental fluorosis and other oral health conditions and how they vary by social characteristics.

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