26 November 2014

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University of Adelaide Press Update

Dear Subscribers,

This is to let you know about our new and forthcoming publications. Our titles are available in two editions: a high-quality paperback for purchase and a free, downloadable PDF.

Law as Change: Engaging with the Life and Scholarship of Adrian Bradbrook

edited by Paul Babie and Paul Leadbeter

$55.00 | 2014 | Paperback | 978-1-922064-78-3 | 322 pp
FREE | 2014 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-922064-80-6 | 322 pp


This book brings together those people who worked closely with Adrian J Bradbrook, each an expert in their own right, to honour a career by critically engaging with the contributions Bradbrook made to property and energy law.

Universities in Transition: Foregrounding Social Contexts of Knowledge in the First Year Experience

edited by Heather Brook, Deane Fergie, Michael Maeorg and Dee Michell

$44.00 | 2014 | Paperback | 978-1-922064-82-0 | 258 pp
FREE | 2014 | Ebook (PDF) | 978-1-922064-83-7 | 258 pp


This collection seeks to reconceptualise the first-year experience in terms of multiple dynamic experiential processes of dialogue and exchange amongst all participants.

Thank you for your support!

In the course of a year our total download number more than doubled from 92,115 downloads in 2013 to over 185,000, and counting, in 2014. Altogether 360,000 readers have accessed our free ebooks so far.

Without your support this would not have been possible. Including our titles in your library collections and making people all over the world aware of our existence has made a big difference.

We believe Open Access is the most efficient way to disseminate research and have a global impact. Not the number of book sales, but the number of readers is the key to a successful publication.

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Julia Keller