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Welcome to the Faculty of the Professions, where ‘putting leading thought into leading practice’ is our guiding principle.

Our programs encapsulate the notion that our excellence in teaching and learning is shaped by the needs and wants of the professions that we serve. We invite you to explore our relationships with industry, our commitment to global internships, and our passion for research.

  • Our schools and centres

  • Learning and teaching

    Student engagement through quality learning is central to the business of the Faculty of Professions and the Faculty of the Professions Learning and Teaching Strategic Action Plan which is aligned with the University's primary goals:

    • To provide a distinctive learning experience of high quality for our students, and to produce graduates whose knowledge and attributes enable them to have significant impact within their communities.
    • To ensure that the University of Adelaide is regarded as the University of first choice for students through excellent program offerings, innovative delivery and high-quality supervision of research, and the provision of quality student administration and support services.

    The Faculty values the diverse learning community of students preparing for a range of professions in the Faculty and acknowledges that each student engages in learning in different ways based on their background, educational experiences and their socio-cultural identity. We value this diversity and strive to shape our teaching to be responsive to individual differences through state of the art pedagogies, flexible approaches to course delivery and technologically enhanced learning opportunities.

    Further, we have strong relationships with industry partners so that the knowledge construction that underpins learning in this Faculty results in graduates who demonstrate professional attributes that are highly respected in the field, both locally and internationally.

  • Professions graduate attributes

    1. Deep discipline knowledge

    Our graduates hold relevant professional skills which are:

    • accredited or validated against national or international standards
    • acquired from personal interaction with research active or aware educators from year 1
    • developed through experience and access to relevant data and materials
    • the basis for the capability for future learning and application in complex contexts

    2. Critical thinking and problem solving

    Our graduates are able to provide creative and innovative solutions to problems, by applying ways of thinking which are steeped in the research methods of their disciplines, based on

    • the use of valid reliable quantitative and qualitative evidence
    • a professionally relevant and academically rigorous approach to managing information and knowledge, and
    • familiarity with real-life contexts honed through workplace-based learning

    3. Teamwork and communication skills

    Our graduates' teamwork and communication skills are encouraged and valued in all aspects of learning.

    These skills:

    • are built through extensive experience of working cooperatively in small groups, including through the small group discovery experience, and
    • include the capability to communicate with different audiences, in multi-disciplinary teams in a variety of modes

    4. Career and leadership readiness

    Our graduates:

    • are technology savvy
    • are professional and, where relevant, fully accredited
    • are forward thinking and well informed
    • have capabilities tested and validated through structured and supervised work-based experiences, and
    • have a commitment to contribute to desirable social outcomes in our community

    5. Intercultural and ethical competency

    Our graduates:

    • are adept at operating in other cultures and other groups in our community
    • are comfortable with different nationalities and social contexts
    • have an international study experience
    • can operate ethically in complex contexts, and
    • have an understanding of indigenous knowledge.

    6. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

    Our graduates have the experience of developing their capacities for self-awareness, reflection, and processing emotional information to operate more effectively in the workplace and social situations.


Diversity and inclusion

In the Faculty of the Professions we’re actively working to achieve equal opportunity and representation across genders, and to support cultural diversity and inclusion of all—for you, us, and our community.

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