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Get Involved

Benefits of getting involved

While studying hard is very important and an integral to your success, there is more to your University life than getting good grades.

Most other graduates you compete against (especially when you first graduate) have similar qualifications to you. It is transferable skills, particularly in communication and leadership, that will make you stand out above the competition. Whilst at University, get involved in as many student experience activities, workshops and seminars as you can. Not only will you improve your student experience, but you will improve your employability.


Things our employer partners expect to see in high quality graduates:

  1. strong verbal and written communication skills
  2. strong leadership qualities, initiative
  3. creative and innovative problem solving skills
  4. passion, internal drive and motivation
  5. strong interpersonal skills
  6. confident ability to work in teams
  7. global understanding and cultural awareness

Get involved.  Skill up.  Be competitive.  Be job ready!


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