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Who We Are & What We Do

We’re a student focussed team, and ensure that student experience leads everything we do. We provide a range of services, information, support, advice and assistance to students to ensure you excel during your studies with the Faculty and the University as a whole.

We support a diverse range of students both current and prospective students, international and domestic, undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as internal stakeholders. Our students come from over 25 countries, and many more diverse cultures and religions.

We know that our success is connected to the quality of service we provide. As we provide services to a diverse student cohort, we will ensure that the support we provide is tailored to meet all our students’ needs. Our customer services charter sets out our values and the service standards you can expect.

Our Customer Service Principles


We promise to take ownership of each enquiry, to listen and respond in an honest, timely, and accurate fashion. If we’re unable to respond directly to your enquiry, we will ensure that you receive an appropriate and timely referral.


We promise to treat every enquiry equally; to create a safe environment where students’ have each enquiry treated seriously, and where students can feel assured and confident.


We promise to foster an environment that encourages intellectual growth and creativity, to provide the resources and the guidance that allows students to have the opportunity to grow both internally and externally.


We promise to respect each students’ individual needs, to work with transparency to ensure the best possible solution is reached for the specific needs of each student.


We promise to monitor our performance consistently to ensure it upholds the industry standards and remains at the forefront of technology.


All our staff take the University’s policies and procedural principles, consistent with legal requirements and community expectations very seriously, and thus we promise to adhere to policies and procedures laid out by the University of Adelaide.

We promise this in our pursuit of excellence so we can better serve our students.

Faculty of the Professions

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Professions Support Hub

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