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Take your degree overseas and choose to study at one of our partner institutions from New York to Shanghai. Visit the interactive map to see where you could go!

An exchange program provides students with the opportunity to visit a dream destination, combining international travel and international study, all while crediting overseas courses back to their degree at the University of Adelaide. There are also various scholarships and travel grants which can help in reducing the cost of exchange (eligibility criteria applies).

Through an exchange program, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students can study overseas at a partner university while remaining enrolled at, and supported by, the University of Adelaide. Tuition fees are waived by the host institution, allowing you to continue to take advantage of your tuition arrangements at home, while having an amazing, immersive overseas experience.

This page provides Professions students with a general guide of how to apply for an exchange program, how to enrol in courses for exchange and how to receive credit upon returning home.

Exchange applications for Semester 1, 2019 and Full Calendar Year 2019 are now open!

Am I Eligible?

The following are general eligibility criteria for Professions students. For more eligibility criteria and other important information please visit the Study Overseas website.

  • Students must have 4.5 GPA or above for the degree(s) for which they want to go on exchange.
  • Students must be on track to complete 9 units of study by the end of the semester in which they are applying, with 18 units to be completed by the time they start their exchange
  • If a student has already participated in an exchange, they must complete at least one semester of study back at Adelaide before departing on this exchange
  • Undergraduate results from a University of Adelaide degree may be considered when determining exchange eligibility for postgraduate students.
  • Bachelor of Laws Student Eligibility

    Bachelor of Laws students must complete 24 credits towards their Law Degree before departure. Law students also cannot take their core courses whilst abroad.

    The Adelaide Law School has partnerships with eight leading universities at which Adelaide Law students can go on an exchange:

    • University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
    • KU Leuven (Belgium)
    • University of Mannheim (Germany)
    • Pace University (United States of America)
    • University of Alberta (Canada)
    • University of Montreal (Canada)
    • Peking University (China)
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
  • Bachelor of Architecture Student Eligibility

    Bachelor of Architectural Design students can only undertake exchange in Year 2 (Semester 2), Year 3 (Semester 1), and Master of Architecture Students in Year 4 (Semester 2).

    Below is a list of the School of Architecture's Exchange Partners:

    • Czech Technical University (Czech Republic)
    • University of Stuttgart (Germany)
    • Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    • Lund University (Sweden)
    • University of Nottingham (United Kindgom)
    • Korea University (South Korea)
    • Texas A&M (United States)
    • University of Guelph (Canada)

Please note: The information above only applies to undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) students. MBA students are advised to visit the MBA website and speak directly with their Student Adviser, if they are interested in studying part of their program overseas.

Steps To Getting Started

Step 1

If you are unsure what courses you have left to potentially take overseas and how the experience will impact graduation please make an appointment or come along to a drop-in session to speak to your Student Adviser.

Step 2

Unsure where to go? Take a look at the interactive map or visit the student blog to see where you could go!

Step 3

Know the deadlines and attend an exchange information session to meet the Study Overseas team and hear about all the aspects of the program and application process.

Step 4

Visit the funding page to see what financial assistance could be available to you through OS-Help, grants or through scholarships (eligibility criteria applies).

Application Stage

You have a study plan, you know you're eligible to go and you know where you want to go, now what? Follow the steps below to start your application.

  • Apply via GLAS

    Once you have selected appropriate institutions, the next step is to apply through the Global Learning Application System (GLAS).

  • Complete your faculty Pre-approval

    As part of your application, you must first request approval through the Faculty Pre-Approval questionnaire in GLAS. This is where we assess whether it is viable for you to go on exchange within your program of study (i.e. if you have space in your current program). We also flag any issues (if there are any). You don't necessarily need to meet with an exchange advisor prior to this step, however if you would like to please look at the bottom of the page for contact information and drop-in session times.

  • Request faculty course approval

    Once you have been offered a place at a partner institution, you can begin choosing courses to study on exchange. To find this information please visit the Study Overseas website and navigate to the 'Academics' page of your institution to find the information relating to courses that are available to take.

    Please fill in the Faculty Approval (Study Plan) section of your online GLAS application, and include the following details about each course you wish to receive approval for:

    • Name of overseas course (including course number)
    • Value of overseas course (in ECTS, credits or units)
    • What type of credit (either core courses or electives) you wish to receive for the course (include credit level)
    • URL to information on host institution's website (very important)

    You are responsible for finding and proposing what courses you study while on exchange, also for overseas timetables and eligibility for courses at your host institution. Students should be aware of exactly how their exchange credit will fit into their study plan and what their remaining requirements are for their degree program. If you are unsure, please speak to your Student Adviser about your study plan before completing your Faculty Approval Questionnaire.

    Please note: If you are unable to find the course outline on the host institution's website or through the Global Learning country profile email the Study Overseas Team requesting the course outlines for the subjects you are seeking approval. Course guides are usually updated quite close to when students depart and may have to base your course choice on the previous year's offerings.

    Faculty Approval requires 4 or more weeks for completion

  • Enrol in your University of Adelaide courses for exchange

    You will need to enrol in the exchange course(s), found under EXCHANGE in the University of Adelaide Course Planner, to the value of your approved study in semester(s) in which you will be overseas.

    For example if you are undertaking B. Economics and B. Finance and are taking 6 units of Economics courses overseas and 6 units of Finance courses you will enrol in EXCHANGE 1004ECO Exchange Studies for Economics Students (6 Units) and EXCHANGE 1002BUS Exchange Studies for Business Students (6 Units).

    Please enrol in accordance with the critical dates for the relevant semester(s). You don't need to enrol in different courses for different degrees - you should enrol in the courses that matches the credits you wish to receive towards your degree in total.

On Exchange

You have arrived to your overseas destination to begin your life changing experience and we wish you all the best! However, if you have any questions whilst abroad please look at the answers below.

  • What if I need to change my enrolment?

    There could be a variety of reasons why you may need to change your enrolment upon arrival at your host institution. For example the course you wanted to take isn't offered by the university, or you have found an alternative course that interests you. In any case, if you need to change courses from the original approval when you arrive at your host institution or at any point after your Faculty Approval has been finalised, please email the Professions Global Team.

    In the email please include the following information on the new courses you want to take, the same as you did when completing your faculty approval:

    • Name of overseas course (including course number)
    • Value of overseas course (in ECTS, credits or units)
    • What type of credit (either core courses or electives) you wish to receive for the course (include credit level)
    • URL to information on host institution's website (very important)

    These additional approvals will be reviewed within 3-4 weeks upon receiving your email and the outcome will be updated and made available in your GLAS Faculty Approval Questionnaire.

    Please note: It is important that you make contact if you require any additional approvals, failing to do so may result in you not receiving credit for the courses you take overseas.

  • What if I fail a course while I’m on an overseas exchange?

    Generally, failing a course on exchange means you will receive credit for the failed course and therefore not as much credit transferred on your transcript as credit attempted (for example, your transcript will show that you were enrolled in 12 units of exchange study but received 9 units of credit).

    In most cases it will not affect your Grade Point Average (GPA), however some schools/faculties will mark your exchange attempt as a ‘Fail’ if you fail all of your attempted exchange courses. The decision of how your exchange is reflected on your Adelaide transcript is at the discretion of your faculty.

    Even if the effect on your Adelaide transcript appears to be minimal, future employers may ask to see the official transcript from your host institution, which will show your results more clearly.

Post Program

You have arrived home and want to know what happens next?

  • How do I get credit for my degree?

    Upon completion of your exchange your host institution transcript will be sent from your host institution to the Study Overseas Office (this can take several months). After you have completed the required questionnaires in GLAS, your transcript will be released to your Faculty. You will be notified by the Study Overseas team when the Professions Support Team have received your transcript. We will then apply your credit to your transcript within four weeks of notification.

    If you receive an exchange transcript direct from your host institution please send it directly to the Study Overseas Office for verification and not to Professions as we will not accept exchange transcripts from students directly.

    Please note: Overseas processing times may delay graduation as transcripts can take up to one year to arrive and requests will not be made to expedite transcripts if you need to graduate.

  • Will exchange delay my graduation?

    Generally speaking it will not, however due to overseas processing times transcripts can take up to one year to arrive and requests will not be made to expedite transcripts if you need to graduate, therefore if your overseas transcript does not arrive in time it may delay your graduation.

Larry Cavallo
Larry Cavallo

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I applied for an exchange in China because I am studying Chinese and I believed that immersing myself in the country would be the best way to improve my language skills. The university offered a great environment to meet other international students!
Emma-Louise Zirkel

University of Mannheim

The campus in itself was beautiful and there were always events for students to attend. Weekly parties and gatherings all added to a very dynamic campus life, while small class sizes allowed for students to bond and get to know each other.
Angela Oemcke

Hosei University

During the first two weeks of my arrival in Tokyo I was lucky enough to experience Cherry blossom season. It was truly breathtaking, Tokyo draped in a sea of pastel pink and I was invited by some Japanese students to join them for Hanami (Sakura flower viewing) in Ueno Park.
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