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Below are a list of common questions which students run into before, during and after applying for a global opportunity.

  • Where can I go?

    The University of Adelaide has an extensive global network of partner institutions where you can undertake exchange or an international summer/winter school. Visit the interactive map to see all the partner institutions where Professions students are able to study or see what other students have been up to on the blog.

    Alternatively, visit the Short Programs or Study Overseas pages to see what current opportunities are available for Professions students.

  • Can I complete my degree overseas?

    Yes you can complete your degree overseas however this may make you ineligible to receive the OS-HELP loan. For further information please visit the Study Overseas website to see a list of the available funding options and the eligibility requirements.

  • Can I get credit for core courses?

    Yes. You will have to provide the Faculty of Professions with all relevant information about the course you want to match with a core course. The course will be evaluated and if it is deemed a match for a core course you will be able to receive credit and take the course overseas.

    Please note: Bachelor of Laws Students can only take electives while studying overseas.

  • Can I take my electives overseas?

    Yes. Electives are normally easier to match to overseas course and therefore it is suggested that you save your electives to take overseas. You will still have to provide the Faculty of Professions with all relevant information about the course, it will be evaluated and subject to approval you will be able to receive credit for your elective courses.

  • How will exchange impact my GPA?

    Your GPA will not be impacted by exchange as the exchange courses you take overseas, and the grades which you receive for them, will NOT appear on your University of Adelaide transcript. Upon successful completion, you will receive a grade of "NFE" (No Formal Examination) on your Adelaide transcript for the international exchange in which you are enrolled. Any agreed upon credit will be applied under this enrolment if you meet the credit approval requirements as set out in your GLAS Faculty Approval.

    Please note: If you fail a course overseas you will NOT receive credit towards your degree.

  • How early should I start planning for exchange?

    It is suggested that you plan for exchange early and that you consider your exchange options at the beginning of your degree. It is good to discuss your options with an Student Adviser to make a study plan and find out the best time to undertake an overseas study opportunity.

  • What do I do if I am a MBA student?

    If you are interested in studying overseas while earning your business degree please visit the MBA program information website to see all the relevant information regarding international opportunities. If you have further questions please contact your Student Adviser.

  • Does the Professions Faculty offer scholarships?

    The JJ Bray Scholarship is available to assist and encourage law students wishing to experience international law studies. Applicants must be accepted for one or two semesters to one of the University of Adelaide’s official exchange programs. The value of the scholarship is approximately $3,000.

    Please see the Scholarships website for further details regarding this scholarship and others.

    For further information on funding and to see other scholarships available, please visit the Study Overseas website.

  • Can I study overseas if I am a Masters Student?

    Yes, Masters students can study overseas. Short programs are a popular choice among Masters students, for information regarding current opportunities please visit the Short Programs page. Alternatively, if you are interested in undertaking an exchange please come and see a Student Adviser to discuss your options.

  • How do I get a Visa for a Study Tour or Exchange?

    You are entirely responsible for finding out about visa requirements for the country that you intend to travel to. You're also responsible for making applications through the respective and varying processes of these countries. Study Overseas Office is prohibited from providing any advice about visa requirements or applications as it constitutes legal advice, which we are not qualified to give.

    For more information about visas and requirements for travel, see the embassy or consulate of the country you intend to study in. In addition, where applicable, students will need to be aware of visa implications for leaving and returning to Australia and any impact studying overseas may have on their post study visa requirements.

A complete list of FAQS can be found at the Study Overseas Website.

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