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Leadership Lab

The vision for the Leadership Lab is to create an exclusive space to connect and inspire executives, providing them with opportunities to grow as innovative and effective leaders.

  • Sponsors

    As an organisation you may wish to sponsor the Leadership Lab.
    If you are interested, please get in touch with Sarah McGregor, Manager of the Lab at

    Our new Sponsor is:

    Local Government Professionals SA

    Local Government Professionals Australia SA

    Local Government Professionals Australia SA is the peak body for Australian local government professionals actively supporting local government officers in the critical areas of professional development, career enhancement, ethics, standards and information.

    Local Government Professionals Australia SA is committed to:

    • The development and improvement of local government management.
    • Maintaining high professional and ethical standards throughout the profession and to ensuring its members are at the forefront of change and innovation.

    Local Government Professionals Australia SA provides its members with opportunities for:

    • Leadership development through their Emerging Leaders and Professional Leaders Programs run in partnership with Executive Education and through sponsorship of the Leadership Lab.
    • Further professional development via programs and events such as the State and Rural Management Challenge, Conferences, Workshops and Forums.
    • Opportunities to connect with peers through networks such as CEO's, General Managers, Women's, Community Managers and Leaders Alumni.
    • Recognition – Leadership Excellence Awards and Dinner that annually celebrates the achievements of local government professionals.
  • A New Way to Learn

    The University of Adelaide's Leadership Lab provides an exciting new way for professionals to engage in ongoing leadership learning and development.

    Located in the heart of Adelaide's CBD, the Lab provides a unique space for inspiring, connecting and developing the leaders of the future. It offers the amenities of a stimulating library, meeting room, hotel lobby and flight lounge, and it pairs this with unique activities and experiences informed by the latest leadership research.

  • Inspiring Bigger Thinking

    Today's leaders operate within an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment, in which change occurs at an unprecedented speed and magnitude, the future is uncertain, and problems often transcend the boundaries of a single organisation or profession.

    The executives we work with consistently report that increasing complexity and interdependence are directly impacting upon their ability to achieve personal and organisational success.

    A recent study involving 1,500 Global CEOs identified the increasing complexity of the business environment as their number one concern, with many reporting that they do not believe their organisations are equipped to cope effectively with this emerging environment. These CEOs are concerned that the next generation of senior leaders within their organisations lack the competencies required to think strategically and manage change effectively.

    For today's executive, mastery of known knowledge and technical skills are no longer sufficient to guarantee success. To lead effectively within the rapidly evolving business environment, they also require complex and adaptive thinking abilities. They need to be connected wih others and seek inspiration beyond traditional boundaries of working.

    To foster the leaders organisations need today, and in the future, the focus of developing leadership competencies must be expanded and the way in which develop those competencies must be transformed. We must think beyond a classroom environment and deliver flexible, experiential learning opportunities.

    The Leadership Lab inspires bigger thinking through an interactive learning environment. Members of the Lab are able to develop at their own pace through immersion in the latest resources and activities, and through engagement with one another.

    By immersing themselves in the Leadership Lab, leaders will find opportunities to explore learning and developing in a new way - with immediate impact on them as individuals and in their organisations.

  • A Diverse Community of Learners

    In our experience, learning outcomes are significantly enhanced if learners have the opportunity to work with diverse groups across industries and sectors. This is where experiential learning is at its best and innovation has the opportunity to emerge.

    The University of Adelaide has a strong reputation in management and leadership training through degrees offered within its business school and professional programs offered within Executive Education. The Leadership Lab will bring together our graduates from our top executive programs: those through Executive Education and our Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, plus managers from select industry organisations.

    This will result in a diverse community of more than 2,000 alumni with similar learning objectives around leadership and management.

  • Unique, Engaging Activities

    As well as a unique space rich with people and resources to engage with, the Leadership Lab will also offer a suite of inspiring leadership activities and events for its members drawn from the latest research and expertise from the University of Adelaide and our local and international collaborators.

    Dynamic Resource Collection Shelves and devices in the Leadership Lab are filled with books, articles, excercises and simulations.
    Thought Space During Thought Space times, members can freely use the space to explore leadership ideas and concepts.
    Expert Led Conversations Experts regularly host conversations in the Lab on the latest leadership research and practices.
    Workshops & Simulations Interactive sessions provide opportunities for members to develop new skills or try out new ways of thinking.
    Mentoring Sessions Through group mentoring, members of the Lab can engage in reflective practices and gain new perspectives.
    Journal Club Sessions focused on interesting articles provide members with the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas.
    Networking Events Regular networking events allow members and visitors to the Lab to connect with like-minded executives.
  • Getting Started

    Getting Started in the Leadership Lab

    1. Sign up for the LinkedIn Group
      • If you haven't already, create yourself a LinkedIn profile at
      • Search LinkedIn groups for "Leadership Lab" and when you find the University of Adelaide's group click the 'Join' button. You'll see the magic happen in your inbox.
      • Make sure you agree to the Code of Conduct
    2. Set Aside Some Time for Learning
      • Your learning is dependent on you making time to use the Leadership Lab.
      • Review the Leadership Lab calendar regularly at the Executive Education website, under 'Learning Resources'.
      • Book yourself a time to immerse in the activitites and resources of the Lab.
    3. Engage in the Space
      • Please sign in the book as you enter the Lab.
      • If you're tech savvy and have a smartphone handy its a great idea to post to the LinkedIn group that you're in the Lab to let others know.
      • Connect with others in the Lab - both when you're there and online through the LinkedIn membership.
      • Ask a member of the friendly Executive Education team to show you around the space or recommend resources.

    Code of Conduct

    1. Engagement in the Leadership Lab is voluntary and members and guests choose their own learning path.
    2. Members and guests will visit the Leadership Lab with the key purpose of being inspired about leadership. They will engage in conversations and activities that inspire and develop them as innovators and effective leaders. The Leadership Lab is not a collaborative workspace; it is collaborative learning space.
    3. When in the space, members and guests will be willing to connect with one another to inspire each other's learning and development.
    4. In the interests of promoting connection and interaction, we ask that members and guests do not use mobile phones in the Leadership Lab.
    5. Members will subscribe to the Leadership Lab LinkedIn Group, and will maintain up-to-date personal information, including a photo and biography.
    6. Members and guests will engage with one another openly and honestly, without fear of judgement. They will show respect for one another and act with authenticity.
    7. While members and guests are free to use the information they receive from others, they agree not to disclose the source or context of that information without seeking permission.
    8. On occasion, members may be advised that they are permitted to invite one other person to join them in the Leadership Lab to engage in conversations or activities around leadership. Invited guests must comply with this Code of Conduct and it is the member's responsibility to make them aware of their obligations.
    9. Members understand that they cannot openly invite other non-members to use the space. They may only be invited to specific events or activities, and where the person invited will enrich the learning community.
    10. Where possible, members will actively contribute to the learning environment, by suggesting or providing resources, engaging in conversations and activities, and providing feedback to enable the space to evolve in alignment with the needs of members.
    11. Members understand that they are invited to engage in all learning activities taking place in the Leadership Lab during business hours, and will confidently engage in those activities if they so desire. Members will be mindful of all events taking place in the Leadership Lab, and will act with discretion if they chose not to be involved.
    12. Members and guests will respect the opening hours of the Leadership Lab.
    13. All members and guests will respect the space, leaving it clean and tidy.
    14. All members acknowledge that the space is provided by the University of Adelaide, and as such will act responsibly and with integrity when using or promoting the space.
  • Location
  • Get Involved

    The Leadership Lab has the potential to inspire individuals and organisations, and there are many ways to get involved. You could consider:

    • undertaking one of our executive programs through Executive Education or the Adelaide MBA Program, and becoming an exclusive alumni member;
    • getting a taste for the Leadership Lab by registering for one of our public events;
    • sponsoring an inspiring activity at the Leadership Lab and engaging your staff in the space;
    • partnering with the Leadership Lab to gain exclusive access to programs and events; or
    • customising a solution for your organisation.
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