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Appreciative Inquiry

Calendar Dates Wed 29 – Thurs 30 November 2017

Fees Fee $1450

  • Program Overview

    In this hands-on program participants learn the key to effective change through an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach. This organisational development model, developed in the US, is based on the assumption that questions focus our attention in a particular direction. By focusing on strengths members of the organisation are motivated to understand and value its culture and make rapid improvements.

  • Key Learning Benefits

    In addition to outlining the compelling research underlying AI, and detailing many examples of AI's successful application, this program will provide:

    • Tools and techniques for shifting your internal orientation from "what's the problem?" to "what's going well?"
    • Effective methodologies for identifying and understanding strengths at all operational levels - from individuals to organisation-wide
    • Strategies for utilising AI to drive innovation and creative organisational change - moving from inquiry to implementation
    • Organisational change - moving from inquiry to implementation
    • Techniques for keeping your people motivated and energised
    • A deeper understanding of the importance and power of language in your personal and professional life
  • Program Structure

    This program is typically delivered over two consecutive days during business hours.

    It incorporates a broad mix of learning methods. Participants will be introduced to certain concepts, techniques or issues through formal lectures, interwoven with questions, comments and discussion, while games, group and individual work, case studies and presentations will provide opportunities to reinforce concepts and practise techniques or skills.

  • Who Attends

    The skills and knowledge acquired in this program are equally applicable to manufacturing, process or service industries, and to the public or private sectors.

    It is particularly suitable for senior executives, managers, professionals and team leaders who may be called to initiate, lead or have responsibility for organisational change initiatives. This program will appeal to managers who are looking for a new way to approach change in order to deliver more successful outcomes.

  • Presenter & Facilitator
    Lois Whittall
    Lois WhittallBA Hons (Liverpool), MBA (Adelaide), FCMA

  • Benefits for Your Organisation

    Generating organisational momentum by identifying and leveraging strengths, not fixing "problems"

    Organisations are full of perceived problems, and managers typically feel responsible for "fixing" them. But ironically, the better managers get at solving problems, the more they tend to find or be presented with.

    Appreciative Inquiry (AI), on the other hand, is a positively framed process for creating change. It's based on a simple, but powerful assumption: every human system does some things well. And these strengths can be understood and leveraged to drive change.

    This doesn't mean problems are ignored, or denied, but that our collective focus is on finding the root causes of success and working out how to make greater use of them, creating new energy and knowledge along the way.

    Special Case Study: John Deere

    In 2000, John Deere Harvester Works, a key unit of the global giant's US-based parent division and the largest combine harvester manufacturer in the world, used AI to turn around its sagging performance.

    The unit's numerous challenges included poor product quality, increasing customer dissatisfaction, low team morale and stalled cost-reduction efforts. A week-long AI "summit" was held to shift mindsets and refocus in a positive direction. More than 200 of the division's 250 employees attended.

    By the end of the process, the group had identified, received approval for and launched 10 new strategic business opportunities. Morale soared, and one initiative alone - a faster product-development process - saved a measurable $3million.

    Hinrichs, G. Ludema, J. Morris, D. (Apr 2000) An Appreciative Inquiry Summit (AI Summit) at John Deere.

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