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Business Law for Managers

Calendar Dates Wed 16 – Thurs 17 November 2017

Fees Fee $1450

  • Course Overview

    Managers and professionals in business make decisions of a legal nature every day, yet do not always understand or have access to current knowledge in Business Law.

    They are constantly required to enter into formal and informal agreements and transactions in a wide range of business situations, with legal implications, such as fines and penalties, for both their organisation and themselves. Indeed, there is an increasing trend in the law to make managers personally liable for breaches of the law by their organisation.

    To lead responsibly then, modern managers must not only be aware of the importance of minimising legal risk, but make it a normal and high-priority part of their approach to their duties. This program will help you do it.

  • Key Learning Benefits
    • Increase your knowledge of the areas of law that directly apply to managers and how to minimise legal risks (personal and organisational) that arise under the law
    • Become more aware of the circumstances in which the law impacts you organisation
    • Develop a understand of a range of key legal topics including Contract Law, Consumer and Business Protection Law, Competition Law, Employment Law and Intellectual Property Law at Work
    • Better anticipate and identify potential legal problems and recognise when professional legal advice might be appropriate
  • Program Structure

    This program is typically delivered over two consecutive days during business hours.

    This hands-on program offers a stimulating learning experience, imparting valuable skills and knowledge with immediate application.

    The program is run as a highly interactive practical workshop, with ample opportunity given to advance your opinions and ideas, and participation encouraged in a supportive environment.

    The presenter adopts the proven theory-application-discussion model of learning, supported by the use of case studies and group reflection. You will also receive a set of take-home checklists for each area covered to assist you in managing your own organisation's legal risk.

  • Who Attends

    Managers, team leaders and professionals in the private, public or not for profit sectors who wish to improve their understanding of a wide range of legal issues that impact on their management duties and affect their responsibilities.

    All technical areas of law are approached with a practical managerial emphasis.

  • Presenter & Facilitator
    Domenic Carbone
    Domenic CarboneLLM (Commercial), GDLP, LLB

  • Benefits for Your Organisation

    On completing this course you will be better placed to identify potential legal problems and have an awareness of the actions needed to minimise both personal and organisations legal risk.

    As part of this workshop you will receive a set of checklists and detailed notes for each of the areas covered to assist you in managing your legal risk.

    You will benefit by being able to identify the legal duties that apply to you as a manager and the legal liabilities your actions could invoke.

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