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Emotional Intelligence

Calendar Dates Thurs 15 – Fri 16 June 2017

Fees Fee $1450

  • Course Overview

    Managers today typically have high IQs, extensive education, years of experience, and deep knowledge in their fields. As valuable as these skills and abilities are, however, none help predict success as a leader.

    Research shows that emotional intelligence (EQ), totally unrelated to IQ, is actually the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace - it accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs. It's also considered the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence.

    That's good news, because while IQ is basically fixed at birth, a high EQ can be actively developed. And this interactive seminar is your first step in that direction.

  • Key Learning Benefits
    • Understand the difference between leadership and management
    • Learn how your style impacts the people around you - your staff, your peers and your boss
    • Improve your knowledge skills to change your style to influence others
    • Explore motivation and values and how they influence individuals
    • Acquire skills in coaching and developing people
    • Develop skills in managing staff performance
    • Deal with conflict as an initiator, responder and mediator
    • Explore what emotional intelligence is and why it is important to effective leadership
    • Identify situations that bring out the worst in you and discuss strategies to help manage behaviors that might damage or derail your career
    • Learn specific strategies for more effectively dealing with difficult people and conflict situations to restore relationships and build teams
    • Reframe the self-talk that gets in your way and can negatively influence your decisions and actions
    • Enhance your emotional intelligence to inspire and coach others through the uncertainty of change initiative
    • Discover the emotional implications of your own feelings and the feelings of others when dealing with difficult workplace situations
    • Identify strategies for enhancing your verbal and non-verbal communication and develop awareness of the signals you send to others
    • Create an action plan to set goals for developing emotional intelligence skills
  • Program Structure

    This program is typically delivered over two consecutive days during business hours.

    The University of Adelaide Executive Education Unit's Emotional Intelligence short course is a stimulating and interactive learning experience. A variety of delivery methods will be used, including lecture, video, class exercises and case-study discussions.

  • Who Attends

    This program is designed for all individuals seeking to understand and enhance their EQ in order to increase their effectiveness as managers and leaders.

    It is particularly suitable for Managers, Team Leaders and professionals who are, or may become, responsible for overseeing work done by others in the pursuit of organisational objectives, or in the midst of change.

    The program will appeal equally to the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

  • Presenter & Facilitator
    David Pender
    David Pender BEc, MBA (Adelaide), CA
  • Benefits for Your Organisation

    This course will help you to understand what emotional intelligence really is, learn specific strategies for enhancing and managing your EQ and practical applications for leveraging EQ to enhance both your leadership skills and positive impact on your organisation.


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