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Professional Management Program

Calendar DatesCommences 24 & 25 January 2018

Designed for managers, team leaders and professionals operating at middle to senior management level, our Professional Management Program is a dynamic pathway to career advancement.

Offered in a 6-month intensive format, or a self-paced 12 or 24 month pathway, the program provides an opportunity to develop the leadership, analytical and strategic thinking skills required to confidently perform at a higher level and make a positive impact to your organisation.

  • Information Sessions

    Our next information session for the Professional Management Program will be held on 1 December 2017 from 12.30pm – 1.30pm on Level 7, 10 Pulteney Street. Should you wish to attend this session, please register online or contact Executive Education on 8313 3268.

    Ignite Your Career

    A dynamic multi-modular format to career advancement.

    Key features:

    • Structured to suit busy managers.
    • Open to graduates and non-graduates with relevant experience.
    • Bridge to further study - consideration will be given to status of 2 subjects into the Adelaide MBA from 2016.
    • Expert presenters with real world experience.
    • All-inclusive fees that include high-quality materials, tuition, refreshments and luncheons.
    • Can be customised to suit the development needs of an organisation or offered interstate, with previous programs being held in Darwin.
    • Click here for past participants testimonials sharing their experience and benefits gained from attending the Program.
  • Course Overview

    Since 1999 the Professional Management Program has helped over 2,000 middle and senior managers build core capabilities for personal and organisational success. The program is designed to develop management skills in already technically capable people. Core modules focus on leading and managing people, financial management, operational excellence and strategic management.

  • Key Learning Benefits
    • Master the language of management
      Participants develop a sound of understanding of the language of management, enabling them to enter any high-level meeting or interaction with confidence that they will be able to productively contribute.
    • Enhanced "big-picture" thinking
      A defining characteristic of participants is the ability to adopt a "helicopter view" similar to the Chief Executive's perspective, and to look beyond the narrow boundaries of a particular task or role to consider what's best for their whole organisation.
    • Powerful critical evaluation skills
      It's no secret that things can happen very quickly in business. Whether it's a window of opportunity opening or an unforseen challenge arising, participants are able to rapidly evaluate a situation and conceive an effective course of action.
    • Strong leadership ability
      There is a vast difference between leading and simply overseeing or coordinating. Participants appreciate and understand the nature of leadership, enabling them to build passionate, cohesive teams that enthusiastically follow their example.
    • Flexible and creative problem-solving
      Contemporary managers require access to a range of tools and techniques when solving problems. Participants are able to draw on advanced management knowledge and skills to provide timely and practical solutions.
  • Program Structure

    The Professional Management Program is designed for busy managers with competing demands on their time, yet maintaining quality and effectiveness of learning.

    Multi-Modular format

    The program consists of six 2-day modules conducted during the working week. There are no out-of-hours commitments prior to attending each module.

    The program can be completed in a 6-month intensive format, or a self-paced 12 or 24 month pathway, plus a Strategic Project. The modules are:

    1. Increase Performance by Leading & Managing People
    2. Business Improvement: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Advanced)
    3. Successfully Navigating Change
    4. Unlocking the Power of Marketing
    5. Finance Essentials for Non-Financial Managers
    6. Developing a Compelling Strategy


    To successfully complete the Professional Management Program, participants will need to complete a number of assignments, including a Strategic Project

  • Who Attends

    The Professional Management Program is aimed at managers, team leaders and professionals who are currently operating at middle-to-senior management level.

    The program is suited to highly capable and motivated managers who are responsible for managing resources and getting results. Participants have varying levels of industry and management experience. Approximately 50% of participants have not studied at university previously.

    The Professional Management Program is also ideal for managers or professionals with existing tertiary qualifications who are looking for either a foundation management course, or a bridging course into management study. This postgraduate program provides a pathway into the University of Adelaide MBA program.

    Participants come from a broad range of industries and backgrounds, including production managers in manufacturing companies, senior managers in multi-nationals, directors and owners in small family businesses, managers in government departments, lawyers, engineers, scientists and accountants. This diversity in the classroom brings additional benefits for attendees and adds to the richness of the learning experience.

  • Presenters & Facilitators

    The Professional Management Program draws on a number of Executive Education resources to deliver a diverse and comprehensive program, and provide an interactive environment.

    Without exception, Professional Management Program presenters are highly qualified experts in their fields, with extensive real-world experience. Most are also regular lecturers at the MBA level and all are actively involved in senior management consulting roles and have national and global experience.

    Executive Education regularly seeks feedback from employers and past participants, to make sure that we continue to offer timely, relevant programs. This process of continual refinement ensures the Professional Management Program remains at the forefront of management education.

  • Benefits for Your Organisation

    Your co-workers and organisational leaders will see a change in you when you undertake this program. They'll take note of your:

    • Increased ability to engage in big-picture thinking. You will learn to look beyond the narrow scope of a particular task or role and consider what's best for the organisation.
    • Critical evaluation skills. Changes happen quickly in organisations. From opportunities to challenges, you will be able to evaluate chaotic situations and select an appropriate course of action.

    Extending beyond your profession and organisation, you will grow on a personal level as well. You will:

    • Become a flexible and creative problem-solver. Clearly valuable in your professional life, this extends well beyond the workplace into social and family situations.
    • Connect with a network that lasts a lifetime. You will form relationships with current, past and future attendees from a wide range of industries. Draw on these contacts for counsel, support or simply a fresh perspective, whenever the need should arise.
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