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Strategy by Design

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  • Course Overview

    Organisational strategy is typically conceived as an extension of the recent past into the future - what we did last year plus 10%. But this approach can only take us so far.

    Rational analyses of our internal and external environments cannot help to create a future that is radically different from the past. Truly reinventing our business model, industry or world, requires strategy innovation, which in turn demands an entirely different mindset and repertoire of skills.

    It requires you to encourage, conceive and apply original ideas in the same way a designer does. And this program will show you how.

  • Key Learning Benefits
    • Exciting ideas to improve your products/services and organisation - things we can virtually guarantee you've never conceived of before
    • Strategies, and strategy innovations, to resolve previously intractable problems within your organisations
    • Methods for nurturing and increasing your creative thinking abilities
    • Reliable tools and techniques for generating strategy innovations time after time
  • Program Structure

    This program is heavily hands-on and experiential, with participants being given significant time to apply imparted knowledge to, and work intensively on, their organisation's specific goals, objectives and challenges. Please note that no drawing or artisitic design skills are necessary. It is typically delivered over two consecutive days during business hours.

  • Who Attends

    The core market is senior executives and strategy professionals. However, all managers and professionals can benefit from the application of design thinking and process to their organisational development and problem solving.

  • Presenter & Facilitator
    Barry V. Bales
    James R. Carlopio B.A., M.A., PhD
  • Benefits for Your Organisation

    Strategy by Design will reveal the keys to creating strategy innovations that deliver unprecedented value for you and your customers.

    James has distilled an incredibly effective strategy-by-design process, and once mastered, it will allow you to create genuinely breakthrough strategy innovations and solutions, capable of truly transforming your organisation or industry.

    Plus, you'll receive a complimentary copy of James's book, Strategy by Design, to reinforce your learning.

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