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An internship is a short-term placement where you spend time with a host organisation. An internship gives you the chance to apply principles and theories learnt in the classroom to a ‘real world’ setting.

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Internships take a number of different forms. Typically internships are 20 days in duration, with exceptions on a case by case basis within a host organisation. These internships are available by application through CareerHub or you can self-source your own internship.

Our newest kind of internship is the virtual internship. Similar to the traditional internship, students are working on real projects with a host organisation, the difference being, the host organisation is based overseas and you will work in teams to deliver the project through online methods such as Skype, Wechat and Slack.

  • Internship

    Internships are a great way to demonstrate to future employers that you can apply your technical skills effectively in the workplace, interact positively with a range of different colleagues and clients and contribute positively to the day to day operations of their organisation with the guidance of a workplace and academic supervisor.

    • Internships are typically 20 days in duration with exceptions on a case by case basis, usually over a 10 week period (2 days per week).
    • Internships are by application only and students will be selected through a competitive process.
    • You will be required to provide a cover letter, resume and complete an online interview (at least one set of online interview should be submitted before your application is considered).
    • The Professions internship program is for enrolled, current students only.

    If successful in obtaining an internship, students may choose to undertake the program for course credit. Students wishing to take this option must have a free elective within their program. Students cannot enrol into the internship course without an approved internship. For this reason, students will be enrolled into the course by the internships team. Course fees apply.

    • Internships run during the University teaching periods
    • Most internships are unpaid
    • Students must have a minimum GPA 4.5 to be eligible
    I was given the opportunity to lead a small team of volunteers, instructing them on what to do, how to do it and when, which has enhanced my leadership skills.Elena Stojanov, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and International Business); Diploma of Languages (Chinese), Interned at The American Chamber of Commerce.


  • Self-sourced internship

    If you have been successful in finding your own internship, you may still be eligible to take the internship course. You must obtain approval from the Professions Internship Team.

    Applications must be submitted to the internship team at least 4 weeks prior to your start date

    What we need:

    • An official letter of offer (including start/finish dates, host organisation address, phone number, host organisation supervisor name and contact details)
    • Australian host organisations must hold a minimum of $10 million in Public Liability Insurance. The host organisation may be asked to provide a copy of this
    • For any overseas host organisation, we will require official documentation on the types of insurances that the host will be providing you with during your internship.
    • Statement of duties, if not included in the letter of offer.


    • You must have 1 free elective within your program. This will usually be a general elective, however if you are looking to count this as a prescribed elective ie. Finance Elective, you must be able to prove that your internship is related to that field.
    • Your internship must be related to your degree.

    If your application is successful, you will be notified by email and the internship team will enrol you into the internship course. Course fees apply.

    Note: your host supervisor will be contacted by the internships team to confirm information that you have provided and arrange a site visit. Please ensure you let them know.

  • Virtual Internship

    Virtual internship

    The University of Adelaide in collaboration with Outcome. Life is bringing you a unique opportunity to complete a 10-week remote internship. Kickstart your career and gain professional skills while solving real business problems!

    The Faculty of the Professions is passionate about the employability and the future of work for our students. We have teamed up with Outcome. Life to deliver a truly unique internship experience designed to set you up for the future of work.

    These virtual internships will see you network with industry professionals and solve real business problems, presenting you a unique opportunity to jumpstart your career prior to completing your studies.

    Getting experience within the Australian industry is an invaluable opportunity for students to stand out from the crowd and to kick start their careers. Most businesses in Australia value an internship experience when hiring a graduate. A Virtual Internship can set you apart from the rest.Outcome.Life work with over 5,000 host companies and across a range of industries, specialisations, and locations.

    Find our more at:

    This program will run for 10 weeks and you will be expected to commit 150 hours to the program over this time at 2 days per week for 10 weeks.

Richard Dolan, CEO, Wines by Geoff Hardy.

"Our 961% growth in export sales, and recognition as the nation’s top exporter, can largely be attributed to our wine business interns from the University of Adelaide. Yuan Yuan, our Chinese-national intern, now employee, helped us achieve huge growth in the China market. We would definitely recommend this program to others!"

Current opportunities

Virtual Internship Faculty of the Professions (facilitated by Outcome.Life) Semester 1, 2022

Employer: The University of Adelaide (Faculty of the Professions) Application closing date: 8 Jan 2022 Location: Australia The University of Adelaide in collaboration with Outcome.Life is bringing you a unique opportunity to complete a 10-week remote internship. Kickstart your career and gain professional skills while solving real business problems!

HR Research Project with Department of Treasury and Finance

Employer: Department of Treasury and Finance - SA Application closing date: 9 Jan 2022 Location: Adelaide SA Australia The project will primarily involve working with the Department’s Organisational Development team to research and develop a best practice succession planning process for the department. A succession planning process currently exists within the department, however it has been recognised that there is scope for improvement. There will be further opportunity to engage in ‘shadowing’ of the Organisational Development team to assist with routine Organisational Development duties.


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The University of Adelaide has some of the best and brightest minds. Our experienced staff work with you to understand your needs and objectives and identify the best possible student intern for placement.

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